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Every now and then, there comes a wave of excitement towards a specific trend. Just Dance is one such trend that has been able to gather friends and families together for fun party. Dancing is one of the most influential activities in normal everyday lives and it’s always easy to attract people with it. Just Dance takes that element and produced an experience people will simply love getting back to. The result? Just Dance is now at its fourth installment in such short amount of time. Check out Just Dance 4 as a whole and the Wii U version.

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candybooty2186d ago

Just like guitar hero, these games are just a fad. At least I hope so, oh god I hope so

djslimzz2186d ago

This game + windows music = eargasm

nassour2186d ago

I find it better than the GH series, but ya a Fad it shall be!

teezanpleez2185d ago

Just dance makes me feel soooooo comptitive

teezanpleez2185d ago

This game is great specially on the Wii U