Far Cry 3 - PC Update 1.03 released; includes fix for machines with more than 32 cores

DSOGaming writes: "Ubisoft has released a new update for the PC version of Far Cry 3."

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Fil1012351d ago

Here'a an idea, how about we console owners get patch 1.02.

Trenta272351d ago

Like that will happen...

Fil1012351d ago

LMAO jeez I thought the hate between xbox & ps owners was bad but pc owners really do take the p**s, or is there an actual good honest reason as to why I got so many disagrees just for asking for a patch for the console community ???

pandehz2351d ago

Pc gamers didnt disagree, there are just random disagree trolls on N4G

Interesting that you assumed pc gamers tho

VanguardOfCalamity2351d ago

dang no DX11 updates .. maybe next time :-/

iistuii2351d ago

How this game gets these great reviews when it runs like shit on most pc's is beyond me.

ThatEnglishDude2351d ago

On the contrary, the general consensus is that Far Cry 3 is actually a very well optimized game.

iistuii2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Yeah right, go to the forums, it runs poor on even the top end machines. The AA & Vsync isn't optimised causing crashes & micro stuttering. I've got it, it's the worst game I've ever had problems with, also my steam friends all have the exact same issues.

Nice one below. It won't happen on the console version as the Vsync isn't on, it tears all over the place & it's as jaggie as hell. As for my PC, it has got a 680 funny enough.

PersonMan2351d ago Show
RuperttheBear2351d ago

'^ Isn't that how I'm supposed to respond? I'm new to acting like a PC d-bag. '

Try stringing a decent sentence together. It helps. What's a PC d-bag for a start?

I've had to turn a few settings down, but I've got a steady 60 fps. I'm seeing none of these problems you are talking about iistuii.

I have a 2500k and a 570gtx for reference sake.

Eldyraen2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Agree with ThatEnglishDude: The game, for the most part, is very well optimized. Drivers are main issue and new ones can make a huge difference--but drivers are often the issue anyways for PC games (especially new ones). I've crashed once so far but I've been pushing my card to the limit which isn't the game's fault.

I have a 680 ftw edition btw. Second arrived today... can't wait to get off work. 4x+ msaa is biggest issue for one 680 but I'm using 2x2x2 at 1440p anyways so games's AA can suck it.

AKS2351d ago

I got much better results from disabling some of the in-game settings and using Nvidia Inspector instead. Something seemed screwy about the in-game AA.


ThatEnglishDude2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Welcome to any PC game out there. I'm just going to go out on a limb here and assume you've not played many PC games before if you consider this the worst game you've experienced having problems with. It is known that the AA is bringing down the framerate, granted - but I hardly think that warrants calling it one of the worst PC releases in a long time. I suspect the majority of this games issues lie within the drivers.

I run an i5 with a GTX570 and am able to run all on a mix of ultra/high @ 1080p (with AA off / vsync on) and able to maintain a steady 40+FPS.

I'm also not naive enough to assume that just because it works well on my PC, that it must work on everyone's, but in my own personal experience - there's far less optimized games out there.

Twignberries2351d ago

@iistuii I have to agree AND DISAGREE with you on this one. I can agree with you that it definitely does not run as well as it should. I've got a beast of a rig and still have major framerate issues with any AA setting above x2 (at x8 I'm lucky to get 15fps), but to discred the game due to (hopefully) temporary technical issues would be a little unfair as with all this aside, far cry 3 is an amazing game :)

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aquamala2351d ago

amazing game, looks phenomenal on PC.

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