GDC08: The Top 10 PSN downloads since launch

PS3 Fanboy writes: Ever wanted to know what the best selling PSN games are? Well, here it is. The top 10 PSN purchases since the system's launch.

* flOw
* Mortal Kombat II
* Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
* Warhawk
* High Velocity Bowling
* Super Stardust HD
* Calling All Cars
* Aquatopia
* Everyday Shooter

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tethered4558d ago

I have:
High Velocity Bowling
Calling All Cars

But what about:
High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition

I have that one too.

I have Warhawk but its the Blu-Ray version

pharmd4558d ago

i have all but the bottom four, im surprised tekken dark resurrection is lower than MKII, even tho it was twenty dollars... i find MKII hard to play with the analogue sticks, its just that my old memories of it are with the batman shaped genesis controller i guess.

MikeGdaGod4558d ago

but my favs are: Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, Warhawk, High Velocity Bowling, and of course Super Stardust HD

masterg4558d ago

I have everything but mortal combat.

antoinetm4558d ago

puzzle fighter HD remix

tethered4557d ago

Its funny how someone had to disagree with me.

What did I say that someone could disagree with?

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Ri0tSquad4558d ago

Wow, didn't expect that.

JoelR4558d ago

Flow is truly one of the best and most innovative game on the PSN right now. I highly recommend it.

gamesblow4558d ago

I simply don't buy this... MK 2 has never been on the top downloads on the PSN ledger and no one ever plays it online. Warhawk has over 600,000 units sold at retail and some near 500,000 registered users.
High Velocity Bowling is easily the best game on PSN, other than Pixle Junk monsters and everday shooter...

Either, people are really stupid or this list isn't legit...

I'm checking MK 2 right now to see if anyone is online... & no... no they're not.

wAtdaFck4558d ago

I've had flOw since...forever, and I never play it. Except the first few days I got it, then it was back to Warhawk.

GoLeafsGo4558d ago

I have 8 of those =D
..but I didn't purchase Warhawk online.

And gamesblow, MK2 used to have a lot of people online a couple of months back.
Then...the PS3 got some real kickass games =D

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The story is too old to be commented.