Xbox Live Reduced Content For December 2012

Well this is a very disappointing month for reduced content.

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shodan742135d ago

But, but... where's the Christmas spirit???

Still delighted with the free 20 MS points I got for my loyalty last month by the way :)

TrendyGamers2135d ago

Don't go spending that all in one place!

BanBrother2135d ago

Haha I haven't got that 20ms points yet.

"But, but... where's the Christmas spirit???"

They are having a 12 days of Christmas sale, from the 18-30th. Last years was actually really good, so hopefully this year is the same. The 'deals' this year have been terrible. The worst I have seen is the '33% off gamer-tag change'. THAT was a whole weeks deal. Wow.

dazzrazz2135d ago

Shovel-ware on sale... grrrreat

ItsTrue2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Although I also dislike them,
One man's rubbish is another man's treasure.

Relientk772135d ago

I love the description lol

stage882135d ago

Why don't they just put the prices? I don't understand those Microsoft points. How much is what? :confused: