New Gears of War ingame footage!

A couple of very sweet movies of both single and multiplayer gameplay footage. As you watch the movies you'll probably see some familiar stuff. The first three movies are from the first two levels of the singleplayer campaign and Cliffy B demonstrated this at E3 and X06. The fourth movie is from a multiplayer battle and it's just jawdropping gorgeous. The levels look pretty open and very rich in detail and the game still maintains a very steady framerate. It's too bad the movies were recorded with a crappy camera, but they still give you a very good impression.

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TheMART5906d ago

Some the same, but better quality, and overal new parts here and there. The framerate is looking really steady and see how even dead body's are movable and react when you push them!

Mikey_Gee5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

Not only does this game look KILLER, the gameplay looks FRESH.

The simple things like the effects of the dirt when bullets hit it and stuff .... WOW

THIS GAME IS "A MUST" in my collection

The last vid (multi player) looks like a FRIGGEN BLAST. Me and my buds will drink a good amount of beer and have a huge amount of laughs playing this bad boy HEAD TO HEAD

CompGeek5906d ago

Jaw is on the floor, again

PS360PCROCKS5906d ago

these were all posted the other day in HD footage on another site, minus the multiplayer which was posted by the mart but thats a much better quality video

hamburgerhill5906d ago

Yesterday I saw a clip of this game and it had constant hiccups or sometype of load lag! Now today it ran smooth as butter and I couldn't find one flaw! Then on top of that multiplayer looks really good and really fun as well! Finally a game that can match the scale of Halo and Halflife finally! I don't care what anybody says but this is what I expect out of the Next generation of games! Cliffy is really trying to deliver and i give the man props for this one!

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The story is too old to be commented.