NBA 2K7 PS3 1up Preview

From : "While much of the game resembles the impressive just-released 360 version, one of the key new features can actually be found within the confines of the system's controller. The tilt function in the PS3 controller allows players to try out their follow-through motion for free throws using the motion sensitive capabilities.

Graphically, Visual Concepts president Greg Thomas explains that the developers have been able to process more "math" through the PS3 architecture, helping the performance and the aesthetics of the game. We couldn't really see an immediate difference beyond some better reflective textures on the court and the sweat that appears on the player models. With no 360 version present, we weren't able to do a comprehensive comparison, but it seems like the PS3 game will be a small step forward."

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Raz3r15903d ago

already graphical difference for the ps3 and xbox 360

jwatt5903d ago

"For now, it seems like free throws will be the extent of the tilt sensor features in the game. "We're planning all these other cool ideas to use with the controller," says Mike Wang. "But we can't talk about that yet." What could these other features be? Dribbling with the controller? We'll have to wait for those answers in next year's version."

That would be the coolest thing if you could dribble using the motion sensor and everytime you tilt the controller the ball swithces to the other hand, I hope they add that feature.

Genki5902d ago

same thing myself, I find myself to be one of few people to be excited about the tilt feature. If devs get creative, it can implemented to do some interesting things, not to mention free up the buttons for other functions.

I think the reason tilt controllers have failed in the past may have to do with that many were not first party, similarly to how the PS2 HDD didn't exactly take off, it just wasn't standard. Hopefully, since the tilt is a standard feature, devs will consider it when at the drawing board.

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of the NBA 2k franchise, and I can't wait to get my hands on this one.