Next-gen is "not just about pretty graphics"

LucasArts' Chris Williams has declared that next-gen gaming is about more than "pretty graphics" - conceding that games have yet to reach the level of movies when it comes to visuals.

Williams, who is project lead on LucasArts' new Indiana Jones game, made his comments in a speech at GDC London this morning. He talked extensively about the studio's relationships with sister company Industrial Light & Magic, observing, "Film and game technology really compliment each other."

However, he went on, game developers still have "a lot to learn from film". As an example, he cited the CGI character Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean 2. According to Williams, it's highly unlikely that such a high level of character detail could be recreated in a game "for next-gen, or even the generation after that".
For LucasArts, he continued, "Next-gen is not just about pretty graphics, and we're okay with that." Instead, the studio is looking for ways to change the gameplay experience - for example, by simulating instead of scripting characters.

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PS360PCROCKS6349d ago

THANK YOU! Good article and a great way to look at gaming, thank god. This is what next gen is about

kewlkat0076349d ago

Someone is making a good point about "next-gen" Gaming. We all know fanboys like to think what makes a game next-gen is its graphics.(just ask a sonyfanboy). Matter of fact, alot of gamers are not sure what makes a game "next-gen". I've ask countless times on here, while everybody seems to throw the "next-gen" word around like have a clue, or atleast a decent opinion.

These days all developers have to do to woooo gamers is give you lots of Eye-candy screenshots and CGI(just as sony), and fanboys are all over it, when they haven't even played the game. So what about gameplay does that matter anymore? Gamers have becomes spoiled little brats if they think a game doesn't look super. I understand a good looking game deserves credit when credit is due, but some games that are not eye-candy, can sometimes present stong gameplay and other next-gen features.

By the first screenshots of a game, we critizize it for not looking sharp or just not up to par with some other game in comparison. Since we cannot hype ourselves up then we think the game sucks or it just won't merit a purchase.

Next-gen games should be based on how high does it raise the bar compared to the last game edition or to an before-generation console.(if that makes sense). While the visuals will always get better with new hardware, it still doesn't merit a "next-gen" tag next to the game.

It's like saying Everytime a new "PC GRAPHICS CARD" comes out and we purchase it, then all the sudden the same game we have been playing with a Lower GFX card becomes "next-gen." Ofcourse visually the game will look much better.

The way I see it, I don't even think the PS3 and X360 are next-gen consoles. You can put it which ever way you want but the Wii is more "next-gen" console because it totally changes the way you play a video game. We have been playing videogames the way we do on the X360 and soon to come the PS3, for a long time. Not much has really changed except the HD picture.(better visuals)

So when is the Console considered "next-gen"? or is the actual Game? can you have a "next-gen" game on a before-gen console? Or a "next-gen" console with before-gen game? if ya catch my drift...

Karibu6349d ago

Sony's the one bringing something else than just new graphics. You should look few PS3 game videos interviews and such.

RuffRyder6349d ago

You would say something like that because your completly hooked on kens balls. comments from one of kens gimps just doesnt count so STFU.

BIadestarX6349d ago

What the heck is next-gen? I think fanboys have twisted the real meaning of the world. I think next-gen is just next-gen. nintendo's next gen is the wii, sony's next gen is the PS3, and Microsoft next gen is the 360. What so hard about this? The word indicates what it is.
Now which console is next gen? Damn it! All of them! Because all of them offer something new than their previous predecessor! Not all consoles offer the same thing. I'm thankful; would you like all consoles to have the same hardware and offer the same thing? This is neither logical nor possible. The hardware of each console reflects the focus of each console’s manufacturer. Which one is better? It depends what you are in for. For some of us each one of them offers something we want (most). While the PS3 may offer you the graphics that no other consoles can't; it will not give you the experience of feeling the bullets or explosions near you playing Battle Field or Call of duty, or the game play of the wiimote but allow the game to be more immersive and allow you to experience of type of visual effects that the wii falls short. Microsoft though has always focus on graphics (DirectX), and some of the things that Sony does; its major focus is building communities hence why the 360 major strength is Xbox live; no other console is offering or may offer the same experience.
Is the next-gen about graphics? No, it is about everything! Who dictate what’s more important for a next gen console (graphics, sound, game play, online experience)? We do; the individual gamer.
You want everything? Buy all consoles! Fanboys (i.e. DJ) may lead you to believe that their favorite consoles offer you everything and the only console you should have is the one they love; anybody with a brain knows this is not logical. Be aware that most fanboys think they way they do simply because they can’t afford more than one console, never own any other console, or are faithful only to brand names.

jedicurt6348d ago (Edited 6348d ago )

with 360 proving it's sucess, i believe that is is now MS's current system, it is no longer next-gen. if the wii and ps3 have a good launch and are still sucessful a year later, i believe that they will then be considered a current gen console. MS has now put xbox on the backburner and are working on the advancement of their current gen console, making the xbox now a console of the previous generation.

I think next-gen is something that people have consistantly misused, especially gameing magazines and forums

However, i believe that williams uses it correctly in this article when he talks about Next-gen gaming as a whole, because there are still two consoles that have not yet been released for this new era of gaming. by this time next year, next-gen should refer to the xbox720, ps4, and what ever name nintendo comes up with

power of Green 6349d ago

This is the fork in the road when it comes to PS3 and the 360. They will evolve differently. Lost Planet is an next-gen example.

Sexius Maximus6349d ago

I think he's right. HOWEVER, graphics are what attracts gamers to games. It's like trying to fall for a woman who is REALLY cool, but kind of ugly. It can be done, but it's tough. I mean, it's the cool part that really matters, but looks are what suck you in to begin with.
I'm not even a graphics whore, I just think in general it's quite important but should NOT indicate "next gen".

Marriot VP6349d ago

In that case the wii would be a cool women who's a midgit, and has umm well how can I account for it's funky controller. Well lets call her a foreign girl.

So there you have it, a foreign midgit girl that's cool to talk to. But sadly the girl won't last more than a couple of years cause then you'll be bored with her. Sure you pulled her out every once and a while at parties but she just doesn't cut it.

Tut6349d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man that was great. Both of your comments got me giggling.

Good stuff... thank you!

dantesparda6349d ago (Edited 6349d ago )

It's "midget" Einstein, "midget", less forum time, more learning

Marriot VP6349d ago

You frickin idiot, just look at your profile. Just on the first page of your profile you have 3-4 word corrections to people on the forum. You want to talk about not having anything to contribute. I'm make a joke about the Wii, and cross a Nintendo fan. Oooo, shame on me.

I'm at PSU, you think I'm idiot. Your the one correcting everybody for their spelling... on a forum!! Haha, just pathetic. And than you call them names to make yourself feel better.

And honestly, who knows how to spell midget, your gonna complain over a word no one uses. Your just sad, I encourage everyone to look at his profile and see that all he does is correct spelling in the most informal of places, a forum.


Captain Tuttle6349d ago

How is happy valley doing these days? I'm in the Keystone state as well...

dantesparda6349d ago (Edited 6349d ago )

First of all you shouldnt assume, cuz it makes a @ss out of "u", stupid move no.1, second of all, Im not a Nintendo fanboy, so try again. Third of all its "I make a joke" not "I'm make a joke" and its "think I'm a idiot", not "think I'm idiot". And seeing how bright you are (by letting me know that you're from "PSU"), you would have realized that what Im doing by correcting your spelling is really pointing out what an idiot you are. Im "sad"? I dont think so smart guy, Im not to one getting all pissy about it.

Im "pathetic"? Im not the one who spends all his time on this inmature forum. And how do you know if Im not a midget and that hurt my feelings? LOL! (Im not)

And unlike you, I dont take sides, thats for little fanboys, I wanna see Red Steel, Zelda, Metroid & heck, even Mario for Wii, GOW, HL2, COD3 for 360, and MGS4, COD3 & DMC4 for PS3. And I own your beloved 360 and quite honestly am not as impressed by it as you are

And try not to care so much about a game system. Its not healthy. I mean just look at yourself, getting all bent out of shape anytime anybody puts down your beloved system. Hey you wanna be friend? LOL!

Marriot VP6349d ago

perhaps you need to check your spelling, I said nintendo fan, not fanboy.

You think anyone cares about you critiquing their misspelling. Your comeback is retarded, all you do is say I'm pathetic just after I called you that.

STILL YOU GIVE NO ARGUMENT against what I said

Somebody's pretty insecure to go around forums correcting spelling.

dantesparda6349d ago

You're an idiot, what stupid point of yours didnt I touch?
And me saying "fanboy" rather than "fan" is not misspelling anything. But I guess that you wouldnt understand that
And how is correcting your spelling (which btw is not about your spelling, but rather about letting you know what a retard you are) insecure? You're the one who is insecure getting all b!tchy and sh!t. And you're doing it again! "Assuming" that I go around forums doing this. No kid, just this one. So stop assuming because you are making a fool out of yourself.
Reread the post, I didnt actually call you "pathetic" but rather insinuated it, but I did call you stupid, and an "idiot". Now go back to your PS3 bashing, you big loser, cuz its all you're good at.
BTW, I say all of this with luv, as a fellow 360 owner. Arent we great!? All we do is talk sh!t about other systems and people all day.

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