B-Boy on PSP seeks to recreate the thrills of both watching and participating in competition breakdancing. Should you check, check, ch-check it out?

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Gamepyre: B-Boy Review

Gamepyre writes: "Terrell Owens single-handedly destroyed three football teams: the San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

Now what does TO have to do with B-Boy? Maybe nothing; maybe everything. If B-Boy is what I think that it is then the game is about dancing and showboating, something that TO seems to take more serious than football. Maybe he should become a break-dancer that way he can finally be in the spotlight all by himself."

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Gamer's Info Review: B-Boy

GI writes: "Rhythm games are difficult to turn into a lot of fun. Let us think about it for a minute or two. The Dance Dance Revolution series has survived as long as it has because of the strong soundtracks and established rhythm. It has survived because the DDR games are kinetic! There is a connection to the music - much like Amplitude, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. While I do not have much experience with the latter two, I loved Amplitude because it had you hopping all over various tracks - bringing the songs to life! It was an awesome experience the first time I played through. And in some ways, it still is. However, I'm getting a tad distracted. There's a new rhythm game that wants to step into a genre that some consider stuffed to the gills. This game is B-Boy, and it might make you perform the "breaking dance."

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Gamerrazzi Review: B-Boy

Gamerrazzi writes: "I'm not that big into the entire "hip hop" breakdancing culture. I think it's because I can't dance. Luckily, video games make nearly anything possible, for those who play them. Even if you can't dance due to being in a wheelchair (like me) or you simply don't have the right moves, you can show what your made of in video game land. The latest game to let you show off your smooth moves is a game developed by FreeStyle Games and published by Southpeak Interactive. That game is B-Boy, which is available for the Sony PSP and the Playstation 2."

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