NBA 2K7 upgraded for the PS3

From IGN: "While the development team hasn't had a lot of time with the final test hardware, don't simply assume that NBA 2K7 is a mere port of the 360 version of the game. The development team has spent a ton of time trying to respond to a lot of the comments from fans on their boards, and have added a lot of shot animations in the post and new gameplay upgrades, among other new features. They also put in extra time in the motion capture studios to enhance the realism on the court, so players really had a sense of being in a game situation. In fact, Greg Thomas, the president of Visual Concepts pointed out that as they've been spending more and more time with the hardware, they've started realizing that future game titles for both the 360 and PS3 will have to have different development cycles to fully take advantage of each console's power.

Speaking of taking advantage of the PS3's power, the team has been using the computational power of the system to enhance a large number of the standard features that the game is known for. For instance, the cloth physics of jerseys and shorts has been assigned to one SPU on the PS3 instead of multiple cores on the 360 so that it can move more realistically than ever without taking away processing power for the rest of the game. But you'll find that there's just as much realism off the court in the PS3 version than on the court. Instead of running cutscenes during timeout situations, the development team has created real time AI that governs the cheerleaders, mascots, floor cleaners and even the crowd. For example, during a game between Dallas and Miami at the American Airlines Arena, we noticed Burnie, the Heat mascot doing much more than simply dancing on the sideline; he would run under Dallas' basket and actively try to distract shooters at the free throw line, and he had new dance sequences during timeouts.

Visually, the game has been taken up to a new level, particularly in how the game action is rendered. Not only have the in-game visuals been beefed up thanks to the power of the system, but according to Thomas, the way the PS3 renders pixels gives the game a richer appearance than the 360 version. It looks much more organic and lifelike, and if you thought you were watching a real game on the 360, just wait till you see it on the PS3. The only thing that is still up in the air right now is the online play: Visual Concepts has been trying to work out how online will be implemented for the PS3. It's been a challenge for them to include that feature in the game, and their testers have been working around the clock figuring out how to work the game with Sony's as yet unannounced network platform. However, as Thomas put it, Visual Concepts has been known as an online pioneer, so the overall plan is to have the game out within the launch window with the feature firmly established within the game. Interested in checking the game out for yourself? Hop over to the video page and check out the first videos of off-screen gameplay running on the PS3, as well as the free throw mechanic in action."

ASTAROTH6406d ago

Its nice to here about the PS3 AI. Given the fact that game develores like Ubisoft and Epic seems to only talk about negative things about the PS3. They seemed to prefer the 360, but they are not being real with custommers. Maybe the 360 is more powerfull, but is the missinformation that piss fans of games like say Assasins Creed. Remember the exclusivity BS?? The better AI on the 360?? Thats what im talking about.

Wotbot6405d ago

It’s all about money and marketing the products. 2K Sports are making the same game for PS3 and the 360 and will invest a lot of money in that process. They need to protect their investment and by hyping it up and adding some extra party tricks for the PS3 version is the best way to do that.

From the screen shots alone I can see no graphical improvement on the PS3 version.

That is my view.

But I do know both versions will have superb graphics.

zypher6406d ago

one developer (Ubisoft) is saying that their game will be graphically the same on both platforms, but that the 360's improved threading offers improved crowd AI. another developer's saying quite the opposite; furthermore this developer is saying that the PS3 will be graphically superior due to the system's specs (not specifically development time). the thing about Jade Raymond's comment is that it was so vague that it can almost be taken out of context. with 2K Sports' Thomas, there is nothing vague or misleading about what he's saying.

ASTAROTH6406d ago

was exactly what i was trying to explain. AGREE!!!

calderra6406d ago

Maybe it's just me, but when developers talk about "not just a port", I do expect an upgrade. Comes with the territory.

This dev talks about the superiority of the PS3 version... but ummm... the two versions of the game are being developed completely independently (accorting to the rest of the item).

Two versions of the same product get different treatment, and they turn out slightly different. What are the odds one got an overall "better" treatment? Pretty good.

Regardless of whether 360 or PS3 came out ahead, one system was going to get SOME advantage. I'll even bet the devs, seeing the difference, started working on new bits to be exclusive to 360 as well.

Because even if one version turned out better, that means the other version was worse. Being a developer releasing one product that's clearly inferior would be a hit to them.

The PS3 version gets AI for cheerleaders and tilt control, and the 360 gets... extra options when creating a character? New AI for when sneakers squeak on the floor? Upgraded crowd models?

I mean come on... cheerleader AI? They don't even have NATURAL intelligence! *comedy drum riff*

Thank you, thank you. I'll be in town all week. (no offense to cheerleaders, but I couldn't resist)

shotty6406d ago

Well I played the game on my 360, and the mascot and all move around, same with the cheerleaders. Obviously the ps3 version has more time in development since the xbox 360 version is already out.

Phenom196406d ago

i hope the nba live 07 doesnt suck ass on this system, cuz if its actually good i would buy a ps3 for it...i need my nba live : (

original seed6406d ago

I rather have better AI in Assasins Creed than Nba2k but thats just me. Basketball fans rejoice (PS3 fans)

zypher6406d ago

thats just the thing. both developers can't be right. one of them has to be wrong. considering Ubisoft made their pro-360 announcement at X06, a Microsoft event, it stands to reason that it may have been the more misleading of the two developers comments. either that, or Ubisoft doesn't know how/doesn't have the inclination to exploit the true capabilities of the PS3 like some other developers.

Jay da 2KBalla6406d ago

1. Both devs can be right. Perhaps ubisofts prefers the structure of the 360s cpu as oppose to ps3s cpu or vice versa.

2. Even if one of them are wrong which is also a possibility, jade raymond said that 360s hardware allows for better AI in an inteview with ign not during ubisofts announcement. Therefore the whole ubisoft is biased is a mute point.

3. "Ubisoft doesn't know how/doesn't have the inclination to exploit the true capabilities of the PS3 like some other developers."

That can go for either console (360 or ps3) for any developer. However what you said doesnt apply to ubisoft especially considering the ps3 version has been in development longer than the 360 version so I'm pretty sure they know the hardware seeing how theyve had dev kits since 2005 and didnt announce the 360 version till late 06.

Also I think its a bit fanboyish how you try to insult ubisofts developing skills just because they said the rival console was better at AI.*

*Actually that was very fanboyish.

zypher6406d ago

dude, don't come to me talking about fanboyish. if i'd have said the reverse thing in support of the 360 we wouldn't even be having this argument.

D3acon6406d ago

The comment about AI and Assassins creed I think was in reference to both next gene systems. (ps3 and xbox360) Great read, but you're going to catch a lot of frack from the xbox fanboys. Any developer favoring one system over the other always attracts alot of heat.

"I hate fan boys."