Yes, BioShock Infinite’s Cover is Terrible, and Yes, That Actually Matters

2K Games revealed the box art for BioShock Infinite this morning and the verdict on it was swift and disapproving.

"You have a game involving floating islands, mechanical creatures of all shapes and sizes, the existance of realityshifting and timebending magic and sky-ziplines," said Redditor Gregar in a thread almost unanimous in its disappointment. "And the best you can come up with is a Generic, Grizzled, White Protagonist that you can't even see, because it's First Person, holding a generic shotgun over his shoulder."

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jc485732148d ago

might as well make it into a third person shooter while you're at it.

crxss2148d ago

it's not that terrible, besides people who like Bioshock are getting it REGARDLESS of the box art. and people who've never heard of or have seen Bioshock might pick it up cause it's so coooooooooo......

knowyourstuff2148d ago

Talk about playing it safe right? As if Call of Duty and Uncharted sold a lot because of the one brooding guy on the front holding a gun... lol what are we 5 years old?

joab7772148d ago

Its bad. They r putting the emphasis on u instead of the world and its characters. It shoulda been multiple covers with different enemies or the city itself. I dont like it. Now i am a little worried about the voicing. But i will guve levine the benefit of the doubt until i can see for myself. I was shocked that they did this in an fps.

ChrisW2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Can't people find better things to complain about?
Such as, why isn't he clean shaven?!?

GrandTheftZamboni2148d ago

They have to because it's not 360 exclusive plus it showed some love for PS3 (Move support).

slapedurmomsace2148d ago

@ chris, I agree, I can't be the only one who could give a rats ass about what the box art looks like. Do people really show off their games as conversational pieces? Will this "ugly" box art effect the way the game plays? Am I really that outta touch?

Welshy2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I'll wait for the EU PAL release.

I always prefer the covers we get, it's usually more artistic or subtle. US always seems to get the main characters face taking up 2 thirds of the cover looking grumpy and at something in the distance.

I know alot of people don'y think that cover art is a big deal, but it can make a big difference of the perception of a game, Skyrim does this well, it looks like an old battered book as though there is a legendary tale inside, which there is to play.

Or even LBP does a good job that you may not even think about. Sackboy holding the world in his hand... you play sackboy and you literally have the entire worlds community players of content to access at any time in your hand.

It's all very clever and psychological.

Megaton2148d ago

As long as the game isn't as generic as its cover, I couldn't care less about this.

yeahokchief2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

oh shut up. i could easily argue that the bioshock games are just as much about the characters as the worlds they inhabit. the haters here are all dense. obviously this man will be central to the story and the cover here is your first hint.

protip: the key code to the first door in the game will be 451 or 0451

and since when is a comment by a redditor news? screw kotaku.

the target here is gamers. it's not for art connoisseurs. it's a good cover! i would buy that. i AM buying that!

showtimefolks2148d ago

let me ask a simple question in this very complicated gaming world, how often will you look at the box cover once you put the game in your system?

i mean seriously what else can we complain about? these box covers are suppose to be for those who are not aware of the game and may pick up the box in a gaming store to see if they are interested

they know us the core gamers who are interested in the game won't pass on it because we don't like the box cover.

bigfish2148d ago

you just spoiled the game for me In reading the article summary on this page ,, thanks really appreciate it

gedapeleda2148d ago

It can only mean one thing.
IT's going to be generic and for dumbed down for casuals.Fans will be disappointed with this one, mark my words.I'm going to take down Patcher.

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Bimkoblerutso2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

It's not really an unattractive cover. It's just like everyone else has mentioned: it kind of misses the entire point of the game.

Why do American covers always have to have an angry dude with a gun on them?

metsgaming2148d ago

COD thats why, and thats why they had mp in the last bioshock.

Bimkoblerutso2148d ago

They were doing that way before CoD existed.

MaxXAttaxX2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Nintendo has been making Kirby angry in all of its covers because apparently Americans can't handle playing as anyone who isn't a badass or something like that.

There are countless of game covers out there altered for the worse and the unnecessary.

TXIDarkAvenger2148d ago


It's funny how a facial expression can actually make the character look more badass. I mean they just made Kirby look like a badass.

Jinkies2148d ago

The added american flag dosen't help does it, besides it can't be as bad as AC3 horrible over the top, one sided patiotic elements. This game is about two sides against one another on Columbia

PhantomT14122148d ago

Marketing of AC3 was over the top patriotic. The game is not.

Jinkies2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )


It's not as bad as the marketing but it's still bad enough and very one sided

Both sides did some horrible stuff in the war but the game dumbs down what the Americans did and over exaggerates the red coats to make them look f****d up and twisted.

Hell they even changed the story with what past AC games told us just so it wouldn't p**** off Americans. I don't believe for a second that <SPOILER> Haytham was going to be evil, that little group he was in seemed more perfect for the founding fathers.

ZombieNinjaPanda2148d ago

The game takes place in a 1920s steam-punk-esque America. The Flag isn't what ruins it.

Jinkies2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

I didn't say it did, did I, I just said it dosen't help

Why add it over Songbird or something else more relevent

CalvinKlein2148d ago

but its a burning American flag, doesnt that make your people happy?

rpd1232148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

"I don't believe for a second that <SPOILER> Haytham was going to be evil, that little group he was in seemed more perfect for the founding fathers."

Did you play the game? He wasn't evil. He wanted independence just as much as Connor. He just had a different way of going about it (one that was arguably smarter and more efficient). And they showed that the Founding Fathers were flawed so many times in the game. It was in no way one sided for Americans. Saying so makes you sound ignorant.

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COOL! i come to a BIOSHOCK article for a game that isnt out yet and get AC3 spoilers... fucking bullshit

kevnb2148d ago

I dont care as Ill get it on steam, but none of us has played the game to begin with either... just saying.

alegolo2148d ago

I hope they create a more minimaslistic cover for the PAL region

Lior2148d ago

i actually like it, its nice and retro in a way

Jockamo2148d ago

i agree...kinda reminds me of an old choose your own adventure book.