Franchises Nintendo Needs To Bring To the Wii U

Prima Games has a few ideas of what game series need to come to Nintendo's next console.

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jmc88883126d ago

Actually picked up a copy of the Wii Punchout to play on the Wii U lol.

Would love to see Rogue Squadron. Would take a Star Fox as well.

sandman2243126d ago

What they need to do is make sure that multiplatforms look and run the best on there console. That will make Nintendo the big N again.

ZeekQuattro3126d ago

I'd love more Rogue Squadron games as well but Factor 5 is no more.

brettyd3126d ago

Nintendo puts out a Rogue Squadron game on Wii U i'll buy one.

A7XEric3126d ago

I'm actually not opposed to a new Star Fox having some on foot segments, so long as they aren't horrible. But i'd still prefer a 70-30 split between vehicle sections and on foot sections.