Will Microsoft partner with Netflix?

Will Microsoft offer Netflix movies over Xbox Live?

Bloggers and reporters have been buzzing about the possibility of a partnership for almost a year, ever since Netflix CEO Reed Hastings joined Microsoft's board of directors last March. But there have been other hints that the two were inching toward a more formal marriage.

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ChrisGTR14801d ago

dumbest article ever. obviously not, why would they wana partner with netflix? they already have all the movies available for download and are making all the profit off of it.

sonarus4801d ago

Netflix is a well known brand name. A lot more knw than xbox marketplace. Netflix should also have way more movies than they do so at the end it is profitable for both parties. Would be a smart move for msoft considering thr recent blu ray victory. Correct me if i am wrong but i heard sony was also in talks with netflix to bring the service to ps3 as well. The netflix business plan is quite different from msoft so that will have to be worked out sony on the other hand has no business plan lol set in motion so they too stand to gain

ruibing4801d ago

I thought there is already plans for partnership between Netflix and XBL and PSN.

ry-guy4801d ago

If this went through, this would be hot.

I don't use the streaming movie option online anyways because I don't want to watch movies on my laptop but this would appeal to me much more.

Monchichi0254801d ago

If this is true, I'm gonna put off on buying a Blu-Ray player and probably focus on this!

wow144801d ago

I dropped buying CDs and DVDs long ago and started using Digital Distribution.

Packaged, Manufactured and Shipped discs are dead.

Half the traffic on the internet is movies and music already, the MPAA and RIAA are going to be moving to Digital Distribution in order to compete with the existing DD offerings (bittorrent and other P2P).

Digital Distribution FTW.

beavis4play4801d ago

DD may be an option for movies, but it is far from replacing (or competing with) actual discs. if you like it, ok; but, that doesn't make it mainstream.

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The story is too old to be commented.