Metal Gear Rising Gameplay

German Website just uploaded the Intro Cinematic and some gameplay of "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
Check out the Video below!

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Mikefizzled2200d ago

You can tell almost instantly that its a Platinum Games game.

scofios2200d ago

your right you can tell just by their game engine same one for Bayonetta,vanquish, Anarchy Reigns and now for Metal Gear Rising.

blackbeld2200d ago

I buy this game day one (PS3 version)

MaxXAttaxX2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

I thought it would be new gameplay. It's the same one from the demo.

Speaking of the demo, I found all his regular attacks pointless with regular enemies since you can simply run up to them and instant kill them with Blade Mode.
Also, parrying is ok, but I feel like there needed to be some sort of dodge/dash maneuver.
And the camera pissed me off at times.

As a standalone action game it's good.
But as a Metal Gear game, all it did was made me think of Ground Zeroes and how much I'd rather play that :P

2199d ago
League_of_Draven2200d ago

Of course you can. It looks mediocre like the rest of their games. Hopefully Nintendo doesn't try to step in to save this when it flops. Not even sure why they bothered doing that with Bayonetta.

soundslike2200d ago

Platinum games is one of the few devs actually capable of making an action game with deep gameplay.

kupomogli2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )


More like, less than 50% of the time they are capable of making a good game.

I haven't played Viewtiful Joe, but out of all of them I have played, God Hand and Vanquish are the only two good games they've made as both Clover and Platinum. Each game is one of the best of its genre.

Bayonetta? Psh. Garbage. That game is nothing more than style over substance. Metal Gear Rising looks to be more of the same. But most of their games are like that. Just look at Madworld. More style over substance. Mad World and I'm sure Anarchy Reigns as well are two games that try so hard to be like God Hand but fail on literally every level.

Simon_Brezhnev2200d ago

Yeah you can and this looks way better than the new DMC. Graphics even look better. This is who should had made DMC but capcom wont let the original creator touch it again. LOL

Psychonaughty2199d ago

Really? I played the dmc demo and it was excellent...oh wait your one of the haters...

nukeitall2200d ago

Actually it totally reminds me of Ninja Gaiden 2 without execution moves.

It might be my new Ninja Gaiden fix after NG3 tanked big time. I wasted my money on a collector's edition there sadly.

blackbeld2200d ago

I will also buy NG3 the WiiU edition! WiiU got the better treatment this time. With a lot off weapons.

FanboyPunisher2200d ago

LMAO this is a MGS game? WTF.

Literally looks TERRIBLE; injustice to the MGS franchise.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA They wasted millions making this......

cpayne932200d ago

It isn't a mgs game. Ground Zeroes will be a mgs game.

Neo Nugget2200d ago

Ease up. It's obviously not supposed to be the same ol' same ol'.

yaz2882199d ago

I just want to laugh here .. after playing mgs4,clearly this is what everyone should've expected .. a game based on fucking badass cutscene showing raiden killing people ..

Am I the only one who was shocked that the game actually had stealth? If there is one thing I am mad about is that the story is set after mgs4 !! I want to see how he turned into a ninja .. what was he doing before mgs4 ?

ghostrider322199d ago

Calm down it's just a Spinoff. Just looking at what Raiden did on Metal Gear 4, Raiden and Stealth is like water and oil-They don't mix.

stage882199d ago

I agree, this looks absolute crap! I'll wait for Ground Zeroes instead.

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showtimefolks2200d ago

The hate on this game and on new DMC amazes me. This isn't a MGS game people get that straight

Its something new and fresh being done by one of he top developers in the world. Go play vanquish if you think all Shooters are becoming boring than I promise you those 4-5 hrs in vanquish will be the best

Bayonetta is such an under rated game

Psychonaughty2199d ago

I gave u an agree cos ur not a hater which is great but i didnt like bayonetta! Dmc demo was sweet though and this game certainly has potential.

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Knight_Crawler2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I ♥ this game!

Edit: @ the hater below...Did you even play MGS4? The attached video proves that you are just being a hater because Raiden has always been strong and geckos are no match for him.

MG has the right to expand to different genres and if hack and slash is not your cup of tea then do buy the game...your ground zero is coming so just let us hack and slash MG fans enjoy this game.

dkgshiz2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

So why is this a Metal Gear game? They may as well have just made this into a brand new ip with different characters and just kept the gameplay. I also like how Raiden in MGS4 could barely hold his own to a few gecko and in this game he is basically taking down everything in his path with machines 10 times his size. It looks pretty fun but to have this in the MGS universe is just puzzling.

baodeus2200d ago

U a hater and haven't play MGS4 that I'm certain. U seriously didn't see Raiden stop outer haven (the giant ship that is at least 100 x Raiden size) from running snake over with ONE ARM, or doing gymnastic while having 2 geckos strap to his legs? Stop pretending like u a hard core fan of MGS series. If u a true fan of MGS, u would know that the series is anything but realistic. MGR seems pretty in line with MGS so far.

yami9302200d ago

Raiden was powerful enough to stop Outer Haven as said by Baodeus, he easily killed a few Gekkos like in the video posted by Knight_Crawler, plus he defeated a whole squad of men with his sword in his mouth and with his feet and this is 4 years after that with a more advanced cyborg body. I'm not surprised with the advancement in technology in the universe timeline.

FanboyPunisher2200d ago

blah blah blah DKgshiz is right.

N4G fanboys defending their hyped game...tell me somthing new.

RyuX192200d ago

It's a new franchise within the brand. It's Metal Gear Rising: A take on the HacknSlash genre, mixed with a bit of stealth, and it takes places within the Metal Gear Universe.

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shempo2200d ago

lets get over with this crap
cant wait for mars the king of the genre is back which is gow ofc,mgr will be history by then

Axecution2200d ago

It looks good. DmC and God of War looks waaaaaaaaay better though.

...I just compared Devil May Cry and God of War to a Metal Gear game what is happening

Baka-akaB2200d ago

Crazy talk imo . DmC doesnt look nearly as deep and fluid as MGR , nor does it look better . It's just brighter . Either MGR will be , of the two , the real successor for DMC 1-4 fans

Kur02199d ago

MGR doesn't really seem like a successor to DMC. I'd say its most definitely Bayonetta although the story could use some work.

Axecution2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

lol i love how everyone hates on DmC clearly cause of the hair colour.

Seriously dude go play the demo. It was actually so good haha. Even if its not "dante" and seems like a completely different universe that doesnt change the fact that its a really good game - or at least it's looking like its going to be.

Rising looks potentially fun but... well just watch that video and you'll see the obvious issues. The camera cant keep up, when he runs across the bridge he accidentally jumps off of it like 3 times. The AI is like "Oh he just went in a building with one exit? WHERE DID HE GO IM JUST GONNA FIRE A ROCKET AT THE WALL".

Also you're totally wrong; Graphically there's barely a comparison. Compare DmC to Rising one on one and you'll realize what you said haha

Baka-akaB2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

"i love how everyone hates on DmC clearly cause of the hair colour.

I love how every idiot jumps to that conclusion and ignore every possible arguments made on earth . Not worth an lenghty answer , already done before .

And i've played both , you didnt apparently .

Dude i'm not disputing DmC being a good game . It just aint worth the title and namesake for me .

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