Wii Virtual Console Games: Less than $10?

How much would you pay for Super Mario Bros. 3? Chances are you paid full retail for it on NES and then maybe you paid $34.99 for it when it came out in October of 2003. How much would you pay to play it on your Wii?

Nintendo president Saturo Iwata addressed the Virtual Console pricing in a talk he gave in Japan. Games will cost between 500 and 1000 yen, this converts to between $4.50 and $8.99 for Virtual Console games over here. Those prices stay pretty competitive with Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade prices, which has gamers paying between $5 and $12 for Arcade titles.

Capt CHAOS6200d ago

Sold, However, how hard is it going to get hold of at launch date??


OutLaw6200d ago

Considering the Wii technology isn't that advance. They should be able to make enough consoles to support the true gamers out there at launch.

Anerythristic266200d ago

I have been thinking about a Wii to compliment my 360. The only concern I have is , will every single game use the Wiimote , or just a majority. I would really like if it had some games that you could use the standard controller for. Also what titles have been confirmed for the BC library , just first party titles? Or could I play Shadowgate from the NES?

Jambi6199d ago

most of the mario games are worth atleast $5. I would probably buy a lot of games from the library.

PS360PCROCKS6196d ago

I'd buy TONS of games, I grew up on this thing man, I had the atari, than got this when I was like 6-7 and played the hell out of it, I still have like 20 games, just my machine doesn't work. $5 dollars to relive your childhood through games that have gameplay that was thought out is enough for me