Play with/sabotage your friends in online co-op Mario Bros. on Switch

Mario Bros. to get online features on Nintendo Switch later this month. Updating an old game is an exciting prospect for Nintendo and its future plans.

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Tross138d ago

That's neat. I'd still rather Nintendo release a VC so the selection of games isn't limited and doesn't require a subscription, but the upside of this is added features. I guess many things are a double-edged sword, and this won't be the first or last.

Quetzll138d ago

If it's cheaper or even the same price as PSN/XBL, I won't have any issues as long as there's enough content to justify a sub. Updating their classics with multiplayer features is an awesome incentive. Daydreaming now about Link to the Past multiplayer.

Outlawzz137d ago

They previously stated it's about $20 for a year. Not bad but given the price I won't be expecting too much.

Tross137d ago

I just prefer being able to purchase a game for a flat fee, download it and leave it in my backlog for years until I get around to playing it with no subscription attached. I'm not really into the whole subscription model as I like at least being able to have my games installed on my system. Whether that constitutes "ownership" is debatable, but at least that can't be taken away from me.

Besides, VC had a large selection of classics that may not have been an exhaustive library of games from various systems, but was still a great and convenient way to try out some games I never played or even revisit some old favourites. The Switch would be perfect for such a feature as the hybrid aspect makes it especially ideal for both console and handheld classics. Adding features is great, but I don't think that should be a requirement.

Nintendo certainly isn't the only one with such a problem. Sony had a large selection of PS1 classics and it's baffling that they have never come to the PS4, even as part of their PS Now service. I chalk it up to their new requirement of having trophies. At least some PS2 games are available, albeit a different selection that typically costs 1/3 more than downloads on PS3. Perhaps going forward a compromise for retro titles would be an option to add extras but not having it be a requirement, so companies can just port games over if need be while those with deeper pockets can put more into their ports.

Concertoine137d ago

Itd be neat to set aside a team to do stuff like this, but i’d rather have a traditional VC.

I might get 20 minutes of enjoyment from Mario Bros.

wonderfulmonkeyman137d ago

There's a rumor going around that there will be a feature in the subscription that will let you download two free indie games every month, in addition to free access to all the nes (and in the future snes and onwards) titles that they'll continue adding.

I'm still not in support of paywalling online multiplayer, but free indie games is an attractive offer, given how many there are out there that I want to play but can't afford immediately.