New Ubisoft survey talks next Assassin's Creed title

"Ubisoft has sent out a new survey in which it probes potential routes of development for the next Assassin’s Creed title.

The survey asks a series of questions, questions that cover the release of Assassin’s Creed III, general satisfaction with gameplay / combat / sequences / story arch as well as probing for interest in potential features for a future Assassin’s Creed game. Other questions asked for interest in future outings with Desmond, the general interest in Connor returning for another title and even a re-visit to the Revolution/Frontier.

One survey question is directly engineered to find interest in co-op and specifically asks if gamers would like the “possibility for a friend to join the game in order to help” with missions, puzzles and more"

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Jinkies3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

If co-op is added then this franchise is dead to me

It's bad enough you do AC3 with silly over the top patriotic vibes, lack of tempalrs vs Assassin feel to the game, some boring missions and horrible voice acting/development for the main character, Connor. Hell in my opinion I don't even think the multiplayer is that good, it's something you go on a few times then get bored of.

Seriously they are going to drive this franchise into the crowd, give us a Prince of Persia 2008 sequel, it ended on a cliff hanger.

Seriously this game dosen't need co-op, if they can't get a main character right, how are they going to write in two.

Robochobo3166d ago

How is co-op a bad thing? I've been told multiple times by friends that they'd buy AC3 if it had co-op. Some people are just not into single player. What's the harm if after you're done playing single player you could invite a friend over to your session and just roam about killing animals and screwing around?

How was AC3 overly patriotic when it displayed Benjamin Franklin as a man who loved to spend his time with older maids, and even talk about how he felt women were an annoyance as a whole? How about George Washington being portrayed as a poor leader, indecisive, and naive?

Your comment about Connor irks me the most. Connor is a Native American from colonial times. Back then, the language they spoke in was direct, to the point, and mostly dull. When they learned English, it was the exact same way, direct, to the point, and dull.

Jinkies3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

"Some people are just not into single player"

Well thats tough because there are plenty of co-op/multiplayer games out there, why does these two features have to be tacked on or forced in, into every single player game, you could say the same about these two features, not everyone likes them, if you think like that then you must be new to this gen because I don't see how you could of gotten into gaming when it was all about single player games.

When a game is built up around co-op it's better then forcing it into a single player one...Borderlands, L4D, Rayman Legends etc, all good co-op games because they were developed around that feature.

"What's the harm if after you're done playing single player you could invite a friend over to your session and just roam about killing animals and screwing around?"

Whats the harm...seriously

Why do people think it's a feature that can easily be added, it's a lot harder then it looks you know, they have to spend a lot of development time to get problems big and small worked out for it then theres developing the feature it's self. It would take development away from the single player, it's bad enough they seperated the team for multiplayer. The same applies for the Elder Scrolls.

I'm not going into the horrible patriotic stuff since thats not what the article is talking about, it's been said many times before.

Why...he's a crap character, Haythem was much better that I couldn't believe that he wasn't the main character when we swtiched over.

"Back then, the language they spoke in was direct, to the point, and mostly dull."

I highly doubt that, your telling me they were all like that. Besides it's called emotion, something every human being has, Connor hardly had any, especialy when he spoke to people, there was no personality behind him. Anyway he learned english at an early age, it should of least improve but it didn't

As iamnsuperman has said below they keep adding stuff instead of improving the stuff thats already in the game. With the patritoic themes in AC3 it just felt at time they were going off the real focus...the templars vs the assassins.

DragonKnight3166d ago

There already is a co-op of sorts. It's called Assassin recruits. They can pretty much take care of anything for you. Assassin's Creed has really lost its way. Multiplayer is uninteresting but at least it's separate. Co-op would break the game. It's already easy enough as it is, but imagine 2 players going after the same target under the same conditions, what would be the point? The only way I could see co-op and Assassin's Creed working were if there were an AC MMO game. You pick sides, either Assassin or Templar, and work to fulfil each group's agenda across the world with members of each Order. That could be a good game. But in the series, Co-op would just be poorly implemented and break the experience.

phantomexe3166d ago

i agree robo, i was going comment on his opinion of connor but didn't thinking is he really that.... o well glad you pointed it out to him.

Simon_Brezhnev3166d ago

It's not even about Connor direct to the point is the most dumb and naive assassin to date.

AC3 was overly patriotic i dont care how you spend it. How many times did you hear about being free in the game.

ziggurcat3166d ago

@ Robochobo:

co-op isn't bad if the game is designed around a co-op experience (i.e. borderlands). throwing co-op into AC - a game that is designed around a single, solitary character - wouldn't work, nor would it fit within the general context of the main story.

the only way it could even work is if it was done as a separate, multiplayer campaign (like portal 2, for example).

it's bad enough that co-op is being thrown into god of war, ubisoft certainly doesn't need to ruin AC by adding co-op.

and really... the game isn't red dead. it's not nearly as open/expansive, and just running around killing animals or stabbing redcoats would get really boring, really fast.

crazysammy3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )


I would agree with you if it was done like Resident Evil where even single player you have 2 players and you tell one what to do and control the other.

However if it is drop in / drop out co-op why do you care? You can still play the entire game single player and others can play multi if that's what they prefer. Same thing with Elder Scrolls. I would LOVE to have my brother and I play together, and if it doesn't effect the single player then who cares?

*EDIT My guess is you are worried about quality but how can you say adding co-op would take away from the quality of the game? I think AC3 was another launching point and they will improve from here, but its not fair to assume they will not do well just because of co-op.

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BakedGoods3166d ago

Jesus, you need to stop playing Assassin's Creed games--sounds like you're getting tired of them. AC3 was great!

Jinkies3166d ago

I think a lot of people are...AC3 was good tecnicaly but it was a new engine of course it's going to look great.

Mykky3165d ago

I was not overly fond of the past AC games but I loved AC 3 a lot! Past AC games were repetitive and had really bad cutscenes. The story was good but the presentation was bad.
This was fixed in AC3 and free roaming was no longer a bore now that you had so much to do. The story was just a little part of the game. There was a homestead story, a story on the naval missions, a Captain Kidd story, being able to decorate the house by crafting, crafting a extra holster and double barrel guns enabling you to have two guns that can fire twice making u into a gunman and a lot more.

I also only encountered two minor glitches in the beginning. I would actually give it a 10/10 which I this generation only have given Heavy Rain, Zelda SS and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

I find it sad how so many found it so disappointing.

yaz2883166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

"and horrible voice acting/development for the main character"

you gotta be kidding.. coonor was badass
easily the best character in ac so far .. the way you see his life from when he was a kid to full grown man ( you nailed it now ubi ).. his change of attitude and behavior toward his father, his master and other characters is very interesting .. his story in general is far better than ezio .. better acted and well written. mainly I like him because he has the same feel as altier and the same voice (not the actor) ezio however started as a retarded, didn't feel as an assassin like altier - had genric story - no training no nothing and people liked him. later he become more like an assassin in revelation and brotherhood.

"lack of tempalrs vs Assassin feel to the game"

don't understand what you mean here?

Welshy3166d ago

Connor is by no means a bad character in any sense at all. But he doesn'y even scratch the surface of the natural fondness i found for Ezio.

Ezio was immediately likeable, and despite maybe dragging him out too long and too often, i was definitely sad to see his story arc end. If you were into it enough, his speech into the chamber aimed at Desmond was fantastic and really emotional in alot of ways.

As much as i like Connor and AC3, it doesn't even dent the armour of Ezio in AC2.

DragonKnight3166d ago

Connor was terrible. He lacked focus, was so naive, was manipulated by pretty much everyone, had a chip on his shoulder but was bad at even that. The only thing he DID focus on was killing Charles Lee, and it turns out that Lee wasn't really the one he should have been after. Compared to the character growth of Altair and Ezio, Connor is far far behind the times.

yaz2883166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )


oh gotta clear things up ..

AC1>AC:R>AC:BH>AC2 .. don't really know where to put ac3 .. above or next ac1?

anyway, the speech at the champers you are talking about is ac revelation right? and I fucking loved that game .. and the funny thing it got hated by majority and slammed by critic .. that game was really underrated,, the storytelling was the best since ac1 ( it made tear !)and I am happy to see that carried with ac3

to be fair let the comparsion between ac2 and ac3 only since connor had only one game and they are similar by building the character from zero

its in revelation and brotherhood that I grow to to like ezio but the one in ac2(v1) is too much for me .. his annoying and the actor is trying so hard to make him look young with that .. but the main thing is his story .. its one thing that he could climb building but killing people and becoming an assassin in 2 minute is ridiculous .. the cast of character were laughable not only the assassins but the Templars .. ac1 felt so mature and dark while ac2 more like scooby doo .. ezio just kills while altier constantly doubting himself.. because I really liked ac1 that is why I hated ac2 .. and the ending the last bit .. in ac1 the assassins came with guns to abstergo .. in ac2 abstergo came to the assassins (Desmond and his friends) with fucking sticks!!

the assassins where no joke .. things where actually serious and the desmond part felt something like horror game with its amazing atmosphere in ac1 .. and the set of dialogs that you had with almuilm or desmond and the doc or when you kill a Templar
.. in ac2 that level of excellent writing and acting is absent ..

ac2 was so boring .. I only finished it to see the story .. bh was much much better and had better villain than that fat dude in ac2 and thank you for killing Mario ( the level where you see ezio's first love is where I started really to like him.. it was brilliant lol .. or when he saved caterina and she talled him that he didn't need to come for her and that she had sex with him only so he can help her .. and he is like yeah I know.. really felt bad for him .. and revelation he is just fucking badass ,woow ) ..

connor imo is the same as ezio but done better in term of story and how they introduced him.. (spoiler: the fact that he was a son of templar was really interesting.. and it was quite funny when he reunited with his father )

"As much as i like Connor and AC3, it doesn't even dent the armour of Ezio in AC2"
ohh god .. again with ac2 .. why don't you say revelation or brotherhood?

Welshy3166d ago


I mainly refer to AC2 despite loving Revelations ALOT because i immediately fell in love with Ezio as a character and that excitement to play him again never diminished over AC2, AC:B or AC:R.

I just don't feel that connection to Connor, i know his mannerisms are that way because of his roots and it's authentic, but it just didn't suck me in like Ezio's charm did.

As soon as i finished AC2, i was dying to play ezio again, i don't have that desire to play Connor any further beyond 3 =/

phantomexe3166d ago

i didn't like Ezio until brotherhood so give ac3s connor a break will see him at least one more time. Next year would be to fast for ac4.

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rpd1233166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Totally disagree. I'm not huge on co-op but it'd be cool. And AC3 had a lot of Templars vs. Assassin's (ie- the Revolutionary War). Connor's voice actor was also phenomenal. I don't know if you've ever heard a Native American speak, but that's exactly how it sounds. The development was no worse than Altair's in AC1 or Ezio's in AC2. Probably just as good as AC2 and better than AC1.

What patriotic vibes are you even talking about? When you find out George Washington gave the order to murder Connor's village? When he was portrayed as an inexperienced officer (which is actually true- I applaud Ubisoft for that)? Or how about when all the patriots are conscripting men against their will or extorting civilians? Yep tons of patriotism there.

WeskerChildReborned3166d ago

So you don't think co op assasinating aint fun?

Conzul3165d ago

The whole idea of the Assassin is that he works alone.

What's next, two dudes doing a Leap of Faith while holding hands?

I'd love an Assassin's Creed game which involved a rogue assassin or templar - someone who was disenchanted with both philosophies and starts to work/journey by himself.

Now that would be some fresh life for this series!

Nimblest-Assassin3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

You and your friends travelling around events that happened through out history, ala red dead redemption

They can do what rockstar does, deliver a single player experience, and a multiplayer experience in the same world

Also AC3 had a co op mode... wolfpack, remember?

But I do agree, AC has become bloated, and I wish there was a greater focus on quality over quantity in the next AC game

Honestly... I want them to take there time with the next game, I don't want to see an AC game next year

Awesome_Gamer3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )


100% agree man, i really hate it when multiplayer junkies want to force thier stupid modes into singleplayer games, there are plenty of co-op and multiplayer games out there, why does these two features have to be tacked on or forced in, into every singleplayer game, go play your crappy multiplayer/co-op shooters and leave us, singleplayer fans alone.

Edit: I also didn't like Connor, such a crappy character compared to Ezio/Altair.

BuLLDoG9093166d ago

after part 3, its already dead to alot of people..
I had alot of fun with part 2.. but after that it just felt like more of the same with each installment but without the excitement i got when first playing..

Trading this in against hitman in afew hours.. couldnt even be bothered finishing it..

Conzul3165d ago

I would love a setting in WW1.
Yeah, CO-OP would be gay. The whole idea of an Assassin is that (s)he works alone most of the time.

I agree with your other points except I had no gripe with the Voice Acting.

FunkMacNasty3165d ago

@ Jinkies

What's wrong with co-op? some games do it really well, like Borderlands.

And wtf are you talking about "silly over the top patriotic vibes"? wtf is that even supposed to mean? Just because N4G thinks it's cool to hate on America, doesn't make Colonial America at the turn of the Revolution a poor setting, just not the seting you had hoped for.

And btw, the way connor speaks - his monotone inflection and affect - is historically accurate.. have you not seen any cowboy/indian movies from the 50's - 60's? It's pretty clear to me that voice actor was trying to replicate authentic Colonial-era English dialect of northeastern Native American tribes. That comment abot Connor seems particularly ignorant..

Shadonic3165d ago

so because they made one assasssins creed game where the main character wasent really fleshed out that means that there past success with Ezio means nothing now? and really the game dosent need co-op but it would be a welcomed addition for me by just having the co-op partner be one of your assassin recruits is good enough. i would of liked it in skyrim as well while people whined because of story even though the idea of the co op player taking control of a companion in game was plausible (not like they wrote out a freaking biography on lydia) it can be done

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iamnsuperman3166d ago

I rather they stop adding stuff and concentrate on refining the series. The series has gotten a bit bloated and a bit off track of what AC was.

yaz2883166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I remember ac like this .. traveling between cities and climbing towers to clear the map .. after getting to the city, you have to find a way to enter it, after that you have to get information to where to look for information about your targets (eavesdropping, stealing, or beating up somebody) it was hard for me to find those at first and that is why it was a joy to play ac1.. you had to actually search for them and climb towers all the time to scan the areas.

and finally the list of targets .. it felt like hitman and with each target having his special place but not anymore now .. it have become less focused and more gta. I hope they return that hitman feel.

bubblebeam3166d ago

I vote less attention to the MP. Who the heck buys it because of MP? Laggy as hell, at least IMO.

I'd prefer if they sacrificed MP for good co-op missions online. Missions that can support at least 4 players.

Shadonic3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

i like MP but i dont buy AC for it i would like co-op in favor of MP though but the maps would need to offer multiple paths and different co-operative actions with your fellow teammates that could be used a range of things like distractions, stealth,blending in and fighting. It can be done just has to be done right

To: maijebeast

if you play COD at all then you need to take back your comment.

-Mika-3166d ago

Yes, I would love this very much.

majiebeast3166d ago

Series is already stale and milked might aswell kill it off completely next year.

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