Mass Effect 3: Omega Eurogamer review

EG: Omega is a dark, hard-fought slog through the belly of the dingy Mass Effect 2 space station. It rambles, it gets lost, and it ultimately feels weightless.

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Staf3288d ago

Explored everything and it took me 2.5 hours. Can't bring my squad with me and when Shepard returns to the Normandy they have absolutely nothing to say about Omega or why Shepard was gone. DLC focused on combat which i can get for free in multiplayer if that's what i am interested in (it is not). No post-DLC changes to the game. All this for $15.

I wonder what i get on Gamestop for my copy of Mass effect 3?

Godmars2903288d ago

More than likely, less than $15.

The great thing is with all this content they "added" later rather than include it within the context original context of the game, they've taken it out of context. Devalued it its worth as story content to next to nothing.

And they likely don't even have any comprehension of what they did.

ApolloTheBoss3288d ago

Lol typical EA. They ain't getting my money again.

Solans Scott3288d ago

I really enjoyed it but in my opinion it wasn't worth the hefty price tag.

tigertron3288d ago

I'll wait until it drops in price, same with Leviathan.

voltron20103288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

At least with Leviathan the crew and Hackett talked about it. What aggravates me is that when they do this your trophy list drops from 100% down to ??? depending on how many they added. Next thing is your platinum will go away unless you beat all the add ons. Wait and see.

kingdavid3288d ago

Already happens on xbox. Once dlc comes along, it completely drops from your list of "completed games". All you can do is laugh really.

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