Jack Thompson plays the blame game

MSNBC's Winda Benedetti has written a commentary that adds a dose of sense to to the media hysteria over video game violence. Taking on our favorite Florida laywer, she writes "Say what you will about Jack Thompson, but the attorney-turned-anti-video-game crusader has what can only be described as a breathtaking genius for transforming ghastly national tragedies into shining moments of self promotion."

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KS19855088d ago

Only on Fox News.

Would someone please hire a hitman to take him out.

YoMeViet5087d ago

shhhh the FEDs are watching!

lol yeah I wouldn't be one bit sad if JT fell off the face of the Earth...get hit by a bus....mauled by a dog...kicked in the nuts...JT is the DEVIL!

DeadlyFire5087d ago

I will do for free just give me a location and a blunt weapon. :P

Vip3r5087d ago

The only person I hate more than Jack Thompson is Bill O'Reilly.

BrianC62345087d ago

It's great to see this clown get called out by the press. I wonder if he'll try to get a law passed that says everyone who wants to play videogames has to pass a mental test first? Or on prescription drugs put a warning you shouldn't play videogames if you take this drug? It seems like these shooters are more mental cases than gamers.

GlossGreen5087d ago

gives ambulance chasers a bad name. This guy makes a living chasing after tragedies.

MK_Red5087d ago

Agreed. And JT doesn't just make a living chasing after tragedies, he abuses and exploits them for his personal gains. This is beyond disgusting, using a sad real life tragedy for his idiotic goals.

Yi-Long5087d ago

Great commentary, and pretty much exactly the way I feel about the issue (which is probably why I feel it's great ;) )

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The story is too old to be commented.