The Metal Gear Saga Explained: Part 3

Split-Screen writes: Welcome to the third and final part of our ongoing series on our interpretation of the meaning behind the Metal Gear story, where we're trying to figure out what's coming up in MGS4 and later installments based on what we've seen so far.

Son's of Liberty also clears things up about The Patriots - they are no longer confined by secrecy, but rather, they are out in the open with both Solid and Liquid (Via Ocelot) trying to hunt them down.

Since Liquid was unable to find the true identity of The Patriots, he turns the world into a battlefield on its own, so when the world is in chaos and shambles The Patriots will finally reveal themselves and his vengeance will be complete. This war that he wages brings out both Solid and a part of the Patriots' next project.

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Razmossis5462d ago

The person on the phone at the end is Major Zero “The man with the same code name as Null” Null=Zero.
Also it even tells you in the game about him having a scar on his left eye… That was Major Zero.

You got stuff wrong in your ‘part 2′ and now this, don't do anymore.