GoldenEye Creator Says - "Gears Rocks"

Ken Lobb the "Design Director" for Microsoft Game Studios, who was also one of the people behind GoldenEye 007 (you've heard of that game right?) sent Mark Rein at Epic a micro review of Gears of War. Here is what Ken had to say:

"I finished the game for the first time this afternoon... This game is insanely good. I have always thought that this was going to be a game that would really matter to us, but DAMN!!! The story is cool, the gameplay is far more varied than I expected, the graphics blew my mind, and continued to get better and better through the whole experience. Every time I stopped playing over the last few days, I have been pulled back for more, and have been thinking about what I just went through, and where I was going to be headed next. Awesome!"

Yes he works for Microsoft, but let's hope Ken is not making these statements with Bill Gates hand up his ass.

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Funky Town_TX5909d ago

I rather hear from gamers. This guys works for M$. Also, what he says rocks I might say sucks.

Donkey Slayer5909d ago

if the product is as good as they say, there will not be any issues.

joemutt5909d ago

If you wanna play it you gotta buy it.

Donkey Slayer5909d ago (Edited 5909d ago )

Yes, I'm aware they aren't releasing one.. Hopefully their plans will change.

A demo can do more harm than good, especially for this game that is hyped beyond any other. They are counting on blind buys from the hype. It's no suprise the Perfect Dark Zero didn't have a demo for quite some time on the market place (and easy fanboys, I'm not saying it's the same and I'm not saying GoW will suck).

Exactly my point TheMart at comment 4.1 first sentence ;)

BIadestarX5909d ago

It interesting how you have all seem videos of actual gameplay; yet you're so quick to say, "This guys works for M$. Also, what he says rocks I might say sucks." but Sony put some guy to say how good the PS3 will be and you guys are already saying the PS3 is better than the 360 and their online service surpass xbox live.

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wiggles6665909d ago

The one thing that stood out to me was when he said that the gameplay was more varied than he expected. This is the one thing I worry about with Gears. Hopefully the gameplay will progress throughout the game, shooting from cover is fine and all but I want to see something else if I'm going to invest 10+ hours.

wiggles6665909d ago

On a side note: why is there no demo for this and so many other games? Obviously developers prepare demos for conventions, the Gears demo that we saw at E3 and X06 looks playable enough to me. Is it really that big of a deal to take the demos shown at these conventions and put them on the marketplace?

TheMART5909d ago

Because they hype is already large enough and they know people will buy it without seeing it.

And you can bet all your money on it: this is gonna be one hell of a game.

Halo 3 is the last one in series. It was the flagship of the original XBOX.

Gears of War will be all that for the 360. More blood, more shooting, more gore. THis is the way 360 wants to have it's main target group. Adult gamers. On the other side, they won't forget the other groups like childeren and girls by having Viva Piniata and other games like that.

But their flagship is all about shooting, blood, chainsaws. And it's here soon: Gears damn I love it already

Sphinx5909d ago

...that there will be no demo. I don't know if they said why, but as disappointing as it is, I am willing to wait a little longer to play it. I'm just glad to have a good coop game again.

OC_MurphysLaw5909d ago

There will be no demo because MS has this slated as the big smack down on the PS3. They are releasing 1 week prior to the PS3 launch...why you ask? 1st They already know this game is a killer ap. 2nd They know it will generate a HUGE amount of stir on launch and the weeks following...because this game is that good. 3rd MS wants the hype and frenzy of the Gears launch to be at its peak during the weeks of the PS3 launch so a demo would quel some of the hype train as "Gears being great" would kinda be older news. 4th and finally...this game will sell systems...and they are looking to catch as many fence sitters as possible right before the PS3 launch and possibly swipe some of the buyers away from saying they will wait for a PS3 when they cant' get it right away.

Gamer135909d ago

Can,t wait to play it.

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