Snatched: 20 classic video game kidnappings

If a video game protagonist has a significant other, friend, or relative, he or she will get kidnapped at some point. Take a look at 20 classic examples.

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Lifeequals424248d ago

Showing footage of a daughter in her bra to her father will spur any man to action ... and that's wrong in so many ways.

NagaSotuva4248d ago

I wonder if Jessica's mother would react the same way if she was still around.

SybaRat4248d ago

You NEVER kidnap the daughter of a mayor who's a professional wrestler!

wita4248d ago

Some of these poses are so hilariously awkward.

Sadie21004248d ago

I'm glad we live in a safer world now. Fewer kidnappings.

JeffGrubb4248d ago

This list did not mention Mario kidnapped in "Mario is missing!"

Lifeequals424248d ago

I think we'd all like to pretend that game never existed.


Switch Retro Spotlight: Balloon Fight

“You don't see many games that play like Midway's classic arcade hit Joust and Balloon Fight is one of them so let's get popping.” - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums.

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Elden Ring's manga paused so the author can play the DLC instead

Elden Ring's manga has been put on hiatus so that the artist can play the DLC.

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phoenixwing23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Well 6 month hiatus it is. If not longer lol


Meet The Solo Dev Whose Sega Rally Tribute Could Become An Official Sequel

When the first footage of Over Jump Rally appeared online, it rightly caused quite a stir. Created using Unreal Engine 5, it offered a tantalizing glimpse of what a modern-day Sega Rally could look like, complete with super-realistic car models, breathtaking environments and – of course – the trademark Sega Blue Sky.

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darthv7225d ago

Oh man.... this looks so damn good.

purple10124d ago (Edited 24d ago )

someone put a lot of effort into making this feel or look just like the good ol'days
thanks for finding this.!

ApocalypseShadow24d ago

Well done and great potential for a tribute.

Hey Dev, would you happen to be a fan of Skies of Arcadia? Lol