Snatched: 20 classic video game kidnappings

If a video game protagonist has a significant other, friend, or relative, he or she will get kidnapped at some point. Take a look at 20 classic examples.

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Lifeequals423720d ago

Showing footage of a daughter in her bra to her father will spur any man to action ... and that's wrong in so many ways.

NagaSotuva3720d ago

I wonder if Jessica's mother would react the same way if she was still around.

SybaRat3720d ago

You NEVER kidnap the daughter of a mayor who's a professional wrestler!

wita3720d ago

Some of these poses are so hilariously awkward.

Sadie21003720d ago

I'm glad we live in a safer world now. Fewer kidnappings.

JeffGrubb3720d ago

This list did not mention Mario kidnapped in "Mario is missing!"

Lifeequals423720d ago

I think we'd all like to pretend that game never existed.