Pro Evolution Soccer 6 First Impression

Like Raul and Real Madrid, Henry and Arsenal, or Liverpool and the most league championships won by any English club, Pro Evolution Soccer's gameplay and graphics are inextricably linked. PES6, due out on PS2, PC and Xbox 360 on 27th October, proves the point better than any version since the series' inception - as Eurogamer learned during a few hours in its fine company earlier this week.

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5501d ago Replies(2)
5501d ago Replies(2)
ad4mb5501d ago

isnt there ment to be a version on ps3 after the europian release.

zonetrooper55501d ago

This game is better than fifa by miles in my opinion but i'm getting Fifa 2007 and PES 6 for my Xbox 360 as the Fifa on the 360 will be better than on the PS2, Xbox and gamecube.

5500d ago