Black Ops II sells over 11m in its 1st week worldwide (2m+ less than MW3)

Black Ops II (X360) - 6.21m
Black Ops II (PS3) - 4.61m
Black Ops II (PC) - 401k

Black Ops II 1st week total: 11.22m

Modern Warfare 3 1st week total: 13.36m

Side note: Black Ops: Declassified (PSV) sold 119k in its FW.

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NYC_Gamer2157d ago

I expected Black Ops 2[360] to outsell Halo 4.

StrongMan2157d ago

Who thought Halo 4 would outsell Black Ops 2 on Xbox?

knowyourstuff2156d ago

Halo 4 is at 3.8 million total copies, the PS3 version of Blops 2 outsold it because Halo is for 12 year olds - or at least people who are mentally 12 years old.

Blops also has 12 year olds but it doesn't make up as big a proportion as Halo. You can read the stats.

Plus, there's some serious competition with other big market games like Assassins Creed 3 which sold a hefty 3.5 million copies, twice what Revelations sold.

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Zuperman2156d ago

Black Ops 2 sold less than MW3?!

thats a great sign! 2+million users decided to say NO.

Gaming1012156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Mind you all, Modern Warfare sold a lot in its first month and sales dwindled more rapidly than Black Ops, they just made more of the sales early on, however it's still totally possible that Black Ops 2 will not dwindle as quickly and sales will decline more gradually than right away, meaning more people can possibly make BO2 even bigger than MW3, it just depends on what the next 2 months look like, because it isn't until February and March that we get Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, and Bioshock Infinite, where some serious competition will arrive.

Awesome_Gamer2156d ago

Thank God.
Finally! Some people realised how crappy this series, it didn't outsell MW3, can't wait for next year, GTA V will break it's records.

blackbeld2156d ago

Black Ops 1 s#cks thats why Black Ops 2 wont sell well as MW3.

XB1_PS42156d ago

MW3 deserves less sales than BLOPS2.

zyphee2156d ago

Halo 4 didnt outsell black ops 2.... black ops sold 2 million more

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Embeepee2157d ago

What do you mean? It DID!

Black Ops II (X360) FW sales: 6.21m
Halo 4 (X360) FW sales: 3.80m

If you mean that in another way (like your prediction was correct), then your not alone in your prediction. There's no sane person who would've thought Halo 4 would sell higher than BO2. CoD's in a different league to any other game (sales-wise)... Halo 4 is still massively successful though - 4.55m in its first 2 weeks worldwide.

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Dark_Overlord2157d ago


Have you played the story? It's one of the best of recent times (With a genuinely well thought out bad guy)

Qrphe2157d ago

I really thought Halo 4 was going to outsell BO2 just because there seemed to be more marketing for it.

Mocat2157d ago


Yeah because that what people want when they buy cod a good story, fml

edgeofsins2157d ago


One of the best of CoD's stories sure but it is far too cliche and nonsensical. I don't see why the tank thing with legs exists. The design choices are so stupid and for a war game you would think they would know more about strategic designs. I wouldn't say it is one of the best of recent times. Dozens of indie games that recently came out are better written and more creative and they cost little and had far less funding.

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beerkeg2157d ago

NYC_Gamer is talking a load of horsesh*t again. What else is new.

mynameisEvil2157d ago

I'd just like to point out that he has 6 bubbles... you have two.

So, uh, who's talking a load of horseshit, again?

CraigandDayDay2156d ago

It's not the number of bubbles you have, it's how you use them. haha :p

On topic. This is an insane number of sales, even for CoD. I didn't pick it up myself. I'm gonna just keep playing Black Ops 1 and Battlefield BC2 (PS3). I did pick up LBP Karting last night though for 25 bucks. Score!! haha

ATi_Elite2157d ago

WoW look at those PC Numbers.....401K (I'm sure those numbers are a lot higher when you add in Digital Sales)

But still that's a lot of PC Gamers that are like "this is not better than Planetside 2...why did I buy this"? LMAO....J/k COD has a nice PC community of Gamers!

Lower numbers than Call of Duty losing it's MOJO? Lets see what the numbers look like after Christmas!

vortis2157d ago

lol Master Race realized if they wanted to play a game with four year old graphics they can just reinstall COD4.

The rest have been engorging on PS2, XCOM, BL2 and the new DayZ mods.

TopDudeMan2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I played the planetside 2 beta. It wasn't bad and does some great things, but it's not for me. Hated travelling miles in a ship piloted by a fool. And when it's in the air you kinda have to stay in it.

lol "is Call of Duty losing it's MOJO?"

It still sold 11 million. It may be suffering from "wait til christmas" syndrome or maybe lack of interest, but 11million is still frightening numbers.

ATi_Elite2157d ago

YES i was just Joking!

11 million is still "Money in the Bank"!

....Kinda like how people now say "WoW is down to 10 million Gamers from 12m! YEH but it's still 10 million....."Money in the Bank"!

GraveLord2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

even the PS3 version outsold Halo 4.

LOL @ ApolloTheBoss you think Halo 4 sold better than Black Ops 2?

NeverEnding19892157d ago

Looks like Black Ops II is set to join the elite list of best selling PS3 games. The top 3 now being Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, and Black Ops, and the 4th soon to be BLOPS2.

You fellow PS3 owners never cease to amaze me with the support you give developers/publishers who give you broken games.

Buy PS3 exclusives!

testerg352157d ago

NeverEnding1989, what I love is how all they talk about is exclusives this and exclusives that, but yet when it comes to actually buying them... ummm..

StreetsofRage2157d ago

And Halo 4 outsold mostly every Sony exclusive FPS ever combined in just a month. What's your point?

BigStef712157d ago

You never seize to amaze me with your asinine comments you ignoramus!!! FYI, Resistance: Fall of Man sold 4.09 million copies

Bathyj2157d ago

I think his point was CoD sells so much, even on PS3 it outsold a sales mammoth like Halo.

Your point seems to be you're over-sensitive about (incorrectly) perceived slights against Xbox.

Outside_ofthe_Box2157d ago

Wow, can't believe people are taking offense to GraveLord's comment.

jonli762157d ago

u think killzone 2 or 3 would had done better against black ops 2 u tell me

Hicken2156d ago

MAG: 1.26
Killzone 2: 2.87
Killzone 3: 2.36
Resistance 1: 4.09
Resistance 2: 2.34
Resistance 3: 1.22

Yeah, 4.55 million is DEFINITELY more than 14.14 million.

And us PS3 owners should REALLY buy more exclusives. I mean, dozens of million unit-moving games isn't enough to prove we buy a lot and in variety.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

PCFTW!!! Smart gamers!
Go play planetside 2!

4.61M ps3 owners are playing a buggy hand me down port. smh

And this folks is why you complain about innovation. Why the hell would activition care?

one2thr2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Good thing I skipped it and bought PSASBR instead. Same series title, same problems that plague the online aspect of the series... COD

thezeldadoth2156d ago

considering planetside 2 is free, i can play both. So far planetside 2 is an awesome idea with so-so execution. the gun play doesnt feel very solid.

Outside_ofthe_Box2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Looks like I was right... IF VGChartz is correct...

Shouldn't really be a surprise though. You can't really expect CoD to keep breaking week one records forever. It's going to peak at some point. Doesn't mean that people are losing interest in it though.

Virus2012157d ago

How did this become about Halo 4?

Ohh you guys (N4G)

BrunoM2156d ago

People just don't take in count that between the systems well 4 of u club the wii u there is the digital sale and that well over another M ... So black ops 2 ain't that much behind

tonywood2156d ago

Black ops 2 fun. Be advised...its on multiple platforms, while halo 4 is only on 360. So of course black ops 2 (any cod) will sell more. 11 million copies is incredible though. Pretty much any game that reaches 1.5 sales is really good..3-5mil is outstanding...5-9mil is incedible...over that is classic.

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Embeepee2157d ago

Looks like CoD is finally starting to show some franchise fatigue, 2.14m less than MW3 is quite a significant drop. Still a beast though!

BO: Declassified sales are pretty dismal. It's probably a good thing that it's sold so poorly though; judging from the reviews, everyone who buys it will be disappointed :P

jony_dols2157d ago

Then again those Black Ops Declassified sales are only retail units & doesn't include PSN purchases.

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ritsuka6662157d ago

Omg Declassified saved the Vita!!!! Oh wait....

NastyLeftHook02157d ago

did you actually just change your mind and type oh wait... at the same time and press send? there is a deleat button.

MasterCornholio2157d ago

Um this article is about Black Ops 2 so i believe that you are slightly off topic.

SilentNegotiator2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Oh stuff it like a turkey on the yester.

If Activision hadn't thrown Declassified together faster than Crackdown 2 was, it would have been huge for the Vita.

XboxInnovation2157d ago

And to think Bkack ops 2 had a massive preorder incentive campaign, the first cod to do so. I knew something was up when they started doing that. Activision must've foreseen less anticipation for BO2.

darren_poolies2157d ago

Not really considering there are only what? 2 million Vitas sold? 119K, especially in the first week, is pretty good. Assassins Creed: Liberation sold 100K and Ubisoft said they were very happy with it.

dragonyght2157d ago

yeah and also remember the numbers psn sales is not included in those report

BigStef712157d ago

118,615 units isn't bad at all for a handheld game especially one that has lambasted by critics. Think how much that number will go up after sales of the bundle on black friday same with Liberation which sold 113,997 units and has sold 220,000 total so far

greenpowerz2157d ago

halo launched in november

Outside_ofthe_Box2157d ago

You trying to say it affected BO2 sales lol?

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Yangus2157d ago

Modern Warfare better!BO2 multi little better.

I wait MW4 next-gen!

DaThreats2157d ago

Want even less for the next COD

AzaziL2156d ago

Maybe then they'll actually put something called "EFFORT" into their work.