Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 outed by Amazon - Report

Gameblog:'Speculations, confirmations, there is sometimes a fine line. Thus the merchant site opened pre-orders for a certain ... Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 ... veeeeeery quickly before changing the name to Call of Duty 9. Problem, the net leaves traces. And we have achieved our catches, intersected with those of, Google's cache not lying either. So simple "typo" or true flight?


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Dovahkiin2287d ago

Up your game, IW/Treyarch.

irepbtown2286d ago

Yep, just last year Treyarch increased staff members to obviously work on a next COD.

Lets hope there will be a new engine. Otherwise, same-old-same-old.

SolidStoner2286d ago

I had all COD's on PS3, and MW3 was they're last chance, no way Im going to buy same engine and gameplay with more killstreaks, that is a rip off.

Berserk2287d ago

Hahah do you hate them so much for the reason that you "have" to buy every Call of duty game made by them? If not, then whats your problem???

Kinger89382287d ago

here we go again. :( i remember the original CoD on pc before they took it too far! cod4 was enough after that its just gone mad

blumatt2286d ago

CoD4. The epitome of a great CoD game. They should have stopped with it and just released extra single player stories for like $10 as dlc. And released one huge map pack a year with like 20 maps for $20. And not released any different killstreaks or perks. It should still be 3 5 and 7 kills. That's it.

TekoIie2286d ago

Well your a lot of fun arnt you....

Legionaire20052286d ago

Shoot I said the same thing about The Madden games. Just give us a DLC pack for Madden Every year to update the roster and gameplay. An release a new Madden 3 to 4 years with better graphics and gameplay. The same thing should be down to both Call of Duty and Assassin Creed series. Just look at World of Warcraft as an influence.

tehpees32287d ago

BREAKING NEWS = new call of duty coming

AzaziL2286d ago

BREAKING NEWS = new call of duty uses same engine as old call of duty except with new maps and re-textured models.

Outside_ofthe_Box2287d ago

It'll sell millions, but it definitely won't break MW3's week one record. I called it first.

FlashXIII2287d ago

Man they said that Black Ops wouldn't trump MW2's sales in the first week, they then said MW3 wouldn't trump Black Ops sales in the first week.. Sadly I think it's safe to say that idiocy is contagious and that Black Ops 2 will trump MW3 sales.

Outside_ofthe_Box2287d ago

No, everyone expected MW3 to brake Black Ops' sales because it was "MODERN WARFARE" 3. Anyway it's just a feeling that I have in my gut.

Kurylo3d2287d ago

I think blackops was just riding off the coat tails of modern warfare 2... it really was a garbage came compared to modern warfare 2...

Im sure people were expecting it to be the "modern warefare 3" and thats why it sold so well.. not realizing they got ripped off on a new title with the same code lol.

GraveLord2287d ago

That's what people said about MW3 but it broke the Black Ops record.

turokgames2287d ago

The site apparently got blacklisted from Activision for posting this too...

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