Ong Bak, The Video Game

Lyndsay Moir: The minds over at Ong Bak have been working closely with the game developers to ensure that the game has an authentic Ong Bak feel to it. Even the movies main protagonist, Tony Jaa, has lent his likeness to the game character, to give it that true Ong Bak atmosphere. With the game in final development, and the team working towards an imminent Winter release, it won't be long until we can trial out the game ourselves! The CEO at Immanitas Studios himself commented that, “we are confident that we will be able to deliver a game that will appeal to both gamers who love great action games as well as fans of the franchise”.
What do you think of the franchise extending into games, will you be buying it? And are you excited?

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IaMs123957d ago

OOoo i loved this movie, one of my favorite fighting movies. Tony Jaa is amazing and i hope he comes out with more movies soon. Ong bak 2 and 3 were terrible imo but The Protector was awesome!

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isarai3957d ago

I don't know i though Ong Bak 2 was freakin amazing! better story, good actors, great atmosphere and design (that mystic was fucking epic) and he displayed MANY fighting styles other than just muay thai. I don't really see how that's terrible

WeAreLegion3957d ago

Yes, please! I absolutely love the Ong Bak series! 3 was a little slow, but it's still worth a watch. :)

Unztayble3957d ago

Arkham City combat? I hope so.

isarai3957d ago

I hope it's better, arkham city combat is great but take away gadgets and it's horridly shallow and unsatisfying IMO

Unztayble3955d ago

I disagree man. It's simple and you constantly have to be aware of your surroundings to make sure nothing breaks your combos. In the Ong Bak game where there would be no gadgets they could just add different Muay Thai take downs in place.

Monstar3957d ago

Only the first movie was good, it slowly declined with the sequels, IMO. Anyways...if they can get the combat right and just satisfying to likes of Batman or more so, Sleeping dogs, would be good.

nepdyse3957d ago

This game would be awesome if it had Batman Arkham series' combat system.

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Ong-Bak: The First Interview

Last week, Thai developer Studio HIVE and film studio Sahamongkol Film International announced that the popular muay Thai martial arts movie series Ong-Bak would be adapted into a game. To find out more about the title, PSLS held an exclusive first interview with Kan Supabanpot, General Manager at Studio HIVE, about Tony Jaa’s involvement, the game’s background and which type of genre it will be. - PSLS

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doctorstrange4258d ago

Both involved? My interest in this game just went up.

Majin-vegeta4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

This just peaked my interest more i love Ong-Bak series.

Edit:Since were on the topic of Martial arts games how about a game of IP man??If you don't know that movie you need to watch is asap.

vortis4258d ago

Anything from Donnie Yen would kick butt.

Flash Point game would be wicked, or even KillZone. Heck Dragon Tiger Gate would be a great spinoff to the Dragon Ball Z games from Namco.

Deadpool6164258d ago

Donnie Yen reminds me of Bruce Lee, but reinvented. He's a international actor that doesn't have any boundaries with his martial arts skills. If there's a fighting style he doesn't know, he'll learn it. Amazing guy.

Considering we're talking about Donnie Yen, I might as well point out Jacky Wu Jing as well. He's a very talented martial artist that hasn't got the fame he deserves. Donnie Yen fights him near the end of KillZone. He's a Incredible martial artist.

decimalator4258d ago

I might need to keep this on my radar

Ionvein4258d ago

I'll definitely be on the lookout for more information on this game, I'm curious as to how the gameplay will be seeing as it is a side-scrolling game.

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“Ong-Bak” The Game Will Come To You

Hive Studio announced that they have successfully obtained a license to produce a game which based on Thailand’s action movie, Ong-Bak. A studio which is also based in Thailand was claimed that they would create a high-quality action game for gamers without forgetting the essence of the film.

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Ong-Bak game coming this year

Ong-Bak is a Thai martial arts movie series starring the incredibly hard-kicking Tony Jaa. If you've not seen them, you're missing out.

Thailand-based Studio Hive says it's developing the game for "various gaming platforms" for release in 2012. It's working in close collaboration with the license holder Sahamongkol Film International, which it says will help it to "achieve a much deeper story involvement for all Ong-Bak fans".

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Dark_Overlord4265d ago

As long as its based off the first film and not the 2 god awful films that used the Ong Bak name.

Then again I played the Tom Yun Goong game made by a Thai game company, and it was horrible. Lets hope they put more effort into this one.

TheoreticalParticle4264d ago

There's nobody to blame for those other two movies outside of Tony Jaa. Dude just got high on his own reputation.

In my opinion, that's just the Thai martial arts movie community in a nutshell. They did some really cool stuff for their first movie, and then for the second movie it was just, "We're the shiiiiiiiit."

I'd love to see someone just getting into making GOOD martial arts movies again, and not trying to be concerned with how awesome they look.