Rein: 'Gears Way Ahead of PS3 Launch Titles'

Epic VP Mark Rein has branded Sony's claims that PS3 will kick off the next generation as "bullshit".

Pimping Gears of War at GDC London today he told an audience of developers, "Sony says the next generation starts when they say so. I say, that's bullshit. Gears of War is the first second-generation game for Xbox 360 and it looks very fine. You will never see launch titles that look this good."

He countered recent stories that Gear of War lasts for 10 hours, "Someone said that at TGS but they were wrong. If you're on the development team and you've played it 30 times then sure, you can get through it in ten hours but for first time players it's going to be at least 12 hours."

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Stone Cold SA6207d ago

Well who am i to argue with this guy, he looks about 30 stone, i'm guessing he's used to playing games for 10 hours straight and observing all the wee silly things!

omansteveo6207d ago

Yeah i Believe it, just got back from Gamestop mangers conference and my im pressions arent good...Sony didnt even have a working PS3 there we had to play the games off of PC's.

THE TRUTH6207d ago

Wow they just put ALL THEIR EGGS IN MS BASKET!! Epic better damn hope PS3 fails or else it's back to PC's for them.

WoW MS and Epic grew some pretty big balls! GOW Better be the best FPS of all time or else it's a flop!

BadTaste6207d ago

It's a TPS you simple geek.

Antan6207d ago

Well not all eggs of course, there is still UT2007 whenever it lands..........

Daewoodrow6207d ago

I can't comprehend how much money this guy will make from Gears of War on preorders alone, it has been top of the preorder list for months now. I think he'll get an early retirement even if Sony tell him to shove UT up his ar*e.

RuffRyder6207d ago

The bullSh@t from you just keep coming thick and fast.

By the way GOW is a tactical shooter you dumb sh@t.

jiggajayp6207d ago

GOW isn`t a FPS in the first place! Know what you talking about before you make your silly suggestions. It`s a 3rd person shooter!

blackmagic6207d ago

I NEVER come to 360 side and start anything with anyone, so I don see why you (or anyone else) would come at me on this isde of the site!


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bohemian 236207d ago

Why don't you make a comment that's worth while!

Antan6207d ago

Well i would be very suprised if a 2nd gen game wasn`t visually better then a 1st gen title!! and not exactly a great leap over 10 hours of gameplay is it? that said, im sure it will be more than 12, gotta take into consideration the amount of time people will be taking the gfx in!!!!, so we`ll say.......20 hours or so????