Xbox 360 HDMI Output is Possible

IGN Has just updated this article with Microsoft's Response:

Microsoft just got back to us to clarify the Xbox 360's ability to transmit a digital signal. In short, it can, which means that Microsoft could conceivably release an HDMI cable for the Xbox 360. This is good news, and relieves a great deal of our concern over the Xbox 360's ability to effectively work with 1080p. Microsoft's full response is marked in the Q & A portion of this feature.

With this new information in mind, consider us relatively mollified. A future HDMI cable for the 360 will resolve the problems we outline in our discussion of 1080p compatibility. Let's hope Microsoft decides the market demands it sooner rather than later.

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drewdrakes6404d ago (Edited 6404d ago )

Microsoft burns naysayers again.

Daewoodrow6404d ago

Glad they finally confirmed it. Right, what other fanboy arguments can they come up with?

bilal6404d ago

and a total cost of 1500$ and 360 would have every feature the ps3 has, soon they are going to release a ps3 faceplate (with spider-man font) for 360.

BIadestarX6404d ago

Ha! You fanboys are funny. You flame if it can't do 1080p or flame when they enable it (for free). Next you complain about hdmi, microsoft adapts and now you complain that the 360 is getting one. It does not matter how much you hate the xbox 360 but isn't cool how adaptive it is? Lets see how it works for the PS3, maybe they will release a patch that upgrade the internal HD (not removable) and increase the capacity.

D R Fz6404d ago

The ps3 has a Detachable 2.5" HDD slot x 1 and is fully upgradeable to any size you want while right now xbox360 is restricted only to the 20gb microsoft offers. So until Microsoft makes them bigger, Ps's upgrade ability is better.

uxo226404d ago

daritefeacherz - can you please provide some techincal data/specifications that supports the information that you stated about the PS3 harddrive upgradability?

Also bilal - Here is a feature that the PS3 doesn't have that the XBOX360 does have...A CURRENT owner that's playing it daily!

Your only answer to this will be, that it coming, the same can be said about upcoming xbox360 features. Vicious circle huh?

FeralPhoenix6404d ago (Edited 6404d ago )

Just as I thought a Sonyfanboy that claimed 360 wasn't capable of 1080p would now say yeah BUT....and so now its about "add-ons." I'll resist the urge to tell the "Sonyfanboys", I told you so....still not a big deal, but I do feel very, very, sorry for the 5 people who have 50" 1080p HDTV's, 'cause they are going to have to suffer with 720p and 1080i like the rest of us, damm what a shame, hey guys just be patient, next year when there's 10 people with 1080p HDTV's M$ will release the HDMI cable and then maybe by then you can afford a few more bucks for this "add-on".....again for the 2% who care.

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Mallanaga6404d ago

IGN: Can the X360 send out a digital signal now, or ever?

Microsoft: Xbox 360 currently doesn't include a digital out connection for video... but [at this time we] have no announcements regarding additional cables or connections.

title of this "news" is a little misleading, no?

Silverwolf6404d ago (Edited 6404d ago )

"Microsoft: Xbox 360 currently doesn't include a digital out connection for video"

Connection, as in cable! The 360 can output a digital signal but it's all dependent on the HDMI cable (if released, besides it's THE only digital cable out besides DVI). I really don't see anything as misleading as you say.