GATT: Dispelling False Rumors About The Wii U

GATT GamerX: It's been about 12 hours since the Wii U has come out, and already people are spreading false rumors. Want to know the truth about ports and graphics? Read On.

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Schawk2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Yes a bit like the suspiciously slow memory speeds that are being reported, with no concrete evidence apart from opening the console, and if i am correct i dont think they print the speeds on embedded chips do they?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

"Also eDRAM isn’t even included in the equation, the real bandwidth is about 30+gb/s"

360: 22.4 GB/s + eDRAM for framebuffer
PS3: 25.6 GB/s main memory BW + 22.4 GB/s graphics memory BW, no eDRAM

Nvidia GTX 680: 192.2 GB/s


WrAiTh Sp3cTr32158d ago

I notice people posting that whole "Nvidia GTX 680: 192.2 GB/s". The speed of the Wii U's system RAM, not the Wii U GPU's RAM--or am I wrong?

legend9112158d ago

I'm thinking the same, GPU vs RAM = ???.

ProjectVulcan2158d ago

Consoles can be different. System RAM and GPU RAM bandwidth can technically be the same thing if the whole lot is unified and on the same bus- Xbox 360 style. It is often a bit more complicated than straight up PC buses because the configurations are custom.

Xbox 360's 512mb main memory bus is shared by the CPU and the GPU- 22.4GB/s. The GPU has a setup whereby it is connected to extra off core logic which was the daughter die, by a 32GB/s bus. The extra logic was further connected to the edram by a 256GB/s bus.

So the figure quoted there is for the bus between the GPU and CPU to the main memory pool.

PS3 is a more conventional memory design where you have split memory pools, so you have a figure for the CPU bus to XDR system RAM (25.6GB/s) and a figure for the GPU to GDDR3 video RAM (22.4GB/s)

So it really depends on how Wii U is setup.

It is more than likely that Wii U has a similar sort of setup to Xbox 360 with one large unified pool of RAM and a single bus for the CPU and GPU to it, and the GPU having a massive amount of bandwidth to its edram.

ProjectVulcan2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Actually RAM chips are printed with an identifier model number like most everything else. Its fairly easy to find out about them. You can get industry catalogues with all the vast array of different RAM chips produced by various companies, samsung, hynix, qimonda, etc etc

This number can pin down the maximum value of that model. So the estimate is posted based on the best possible case and fastest version of that particular RAM chip.

GamerXGATT2158d ago

The memory speed currently estimated at 17gb I think is without them including eDRAM or anything. Running a modified DX10, the bandwidth is greater than 17gb, but they are going based off the DDR3 ram only at the minute, again creating another rumor. People would actually need to test everything in order to see the full bandwitdh which is estimated at over 30gb/s

ProjectVulcan2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

So its a rumour if its 17GB/s but if you pull out another number from thin air of 30GB/s thats true? Evidence? Proof?

Or in fact are you creating more rumours with even less evidence or explanation to back that up....

The Batman video comparison is from a fairly credible source in gametrailers. Certainly more credible than your website.

You seem to talk nonsense to be honest. Edram has absolutely enormous bandwidth being on die with the GPU itself. Many hundreds of GB/s typically. So where you got 30GB/s with including edram bandwidth.....I know where you got it from. Out your ass.

This however is usually NOT counted because it isn't main system bandwidth. Xbox 360's edram bandwidth for example is 256GB/s to the logic on the daughter die.....

You submitted your own article from your own site and somehow it got approved. It probably shouldn't have because it is quite low quality and the rumours you attempt to dispel are not dispelled at all, you just add more opinion and rumours of your own with nothing to back it up.

GamerXGATT2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

I am not saying its 30gb/s I am saying with all factors taking place it should be around there. I don't know what the numbers are exactly. And yes the image from Batman is being spread about with word that the Wii U sucks. However you can tell that it's not a scene fully loaded yet, we offer a better picture to compare quality with. Sorry if your opinions differ then mine, that's what being an individual is all about. Processor speed, gpu speed, memory speed all factor into the total bandwidth that a system has. Not just the memory speed itself. In fact most memory speed itself is PROCESSOR BOUND, I.E why some memory even rated higher can't got above DDR3 1333. Calm down a bit buddy. Just as right now in your PC your effective bandwidth is detected by what processor you have, what PCI generation you have, and what gpu you have -- these still hold true for consoles. That's where bottlenecks in PCs come from, stuff that is a higher level than other things causing the bandwidth to be slower. (Example a core2duo with a 7970) You are then bound by your processors bandwidth as the gpu can't send any more over to it. having a intel core logo I would assume you know this. either way I am not spreading rumors, rather calculating everything into the equation, which some other places have failed to do.

for the post below, you are right I've updated the article now that I've found it comes from Game Trailers. The image was simply presented to me as Wii U sucks look. I've updated info based on what I learned about the video.

StanSmith2158d ago


Just watch that video. Screw the screenshot, it's right there in video form, clear as day.

As was said below, you can see the screen on Batman's arm which proves it is the WiiU version and not on PC as your article claims. You'll also see that it stays on that scene for quite a while and the texture still doesn't load.

You're spreading false information, just like other people are and as a result, you're making it difficult for those of us who are undecided about WiiU.

kesvalk2158d ago

dat 1st batman comparison...

didn't even knew you could downgrade the graphics that much!

nyobzoo2158d ago

the batman pic came from GT's Comparison video

probably just due to limited time the developers had to port the game and the clip is just probably a very small area of the game but I have to say that I believe it is the Wii U version, cause last I checked, my PC version of Batman doesn't have a screen on his glove, nor do I believe a mod exist yet with it.

StanSmith2158d ago

Really don't know whether to keep my preorder active. All the fud being spread doesn't help either.

If the WiiU is only equal to current gen, then I may cancel as I don't see much point in rushing to get one when I already own a 360 and a PS3 plus a Wii and 3DS for my Mario fix.

I'm gonna have to wait for a real teardown on the system. Just hope it happens before release day.

As of now, I'm taking the ram speed rumour as a just that, a rumour. Not believing this article either seen as the AC comparison came from gametrailers, so it's hardly fake.

jmc88882158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Well that Batman picure shows you alot really. Lots more fidelity on the Wii U version. Everything is sharper, both close in stuff and far away. Notice the building railing close up on the right side. Then notice the pillars and building in the middle.

Then notice some of the effects. The things that should be clear are blurry on the PS3 but clear on the Wii U. But the stuff that should be blurry because it's lighting, is blurry (in a good way) on the Wii U, but muted or nonexistent on the PS3.

Also notice you have more details, like the airship and the big red banner on the building. I mean really that Wii U picture looks a whole lot better.

Once you see that in motion it's probably a big difference.

I have in on PC, so I'm not going to buy the Wii U version, but the Wii U version definitely from that shot looks pretty legit. If I didn't have the game on the PC, and was looking for it, I would definitely get the Wii U version over the PS3/360 version.

We still haven't gotten proper benchmarks of what the Wii U can do. But if that picture is an indication, then yes it's a decent bump up from the PS3/360, and captures most of the difference between the PS3/360 and high to top end PC's (which are stronger than what PS4 or 720 will be). Plus you'll be getting Nintendo games at that level.

I'm keeping mine (though it's being shipped now so maybe more correctly I'm not thinking of selling it or having regret) even though I have a GTX 670 with 192.3 gb/s memory bandwidth. Though I don't have a Wii, this system still looks like a lot of fun. HD Nintendo. Good 3rd party console games. Plus a fun controller.

The Wii U pic shown actually shows a lot of differences, and really how many differences do people think is possible with top end PC tech?

cyhm31122158d ago

in terms of visuals, it is not equal, it is actually worst than current gens, how come some people just don't get it.

lashes2ashes2158d ago

Almost all of the reviews I have read about wii u games say its almost identically the same game between the systems so it might be you that does not get it lol.

coolman2292157d ago

Keep calm and carry on preordering.

Don't freak out over every little thing. This is a Nintendo Console.

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