GTA V's Second Trailer Remade In GTA IV

DSOGaming writes: "So you’ve seen the second trailer of GTA V but have you ever wondered how does it compare with GTA IV? Well, time to find out as YouTube’s member ‘RaycasterVideos’ has recreated the second trailer of GTA V in GTA IV. This video showcases the enormous difference between these two titles and as you may have expected, GTA V looks way, way better than its predecessor."

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MultiConsoleGamer2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Nicely done! Worth watching twice.

gedapeleda2188d ago

Yeah I agree, he definetely did the best he could.

showtimefolks2188d ago

And some are saying GTA 5 doesn't look good see this trailer and than watch GTA 5 to see ow big if a difference

vortis2187d ago

Except, in this video there were no mouth movements, the animations were pretty bad (probably using a trainer) and there was a lot of poor use of the props.

It reminds me of when a pub releases screenshots of a sequel and compares it to blurry screenshots of the first game.

GTA V definitely looks good, but I just played GTA IV yesterday on PC and it doesn't look as bad as it does in that trailer.

PinkFunk2188d ago

Wow. The difference is immense.

I also laughed very hard at 1:23.

jannytime2188d ago

do people have nothing better to do? They probly started work on this as soon as trailer 2 came out.
But still... Nicely done

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