Nintendo removing all Donkey Kong Country games from Virtual Console

Nintendo has put a message up on the European Wii Shop Channel that on 11/25 they will be removing all three SNES Donkey Kong Country games and they will no longer be available for purchase. No reason is given for this, and there is no time table set for their return.


Nintendo has removed these games from the American Virtual Console as well.

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Rrobba2164d ago

Very strange...I doubt it's licensing issues? Perhaps a trilogy enhanced edition is coming to Wii U?

Quite weird.

mrbojingles2164d ago

good lord I hope so, about the enhanced edition

Griffin48712164d ago

Because of Rare. I am positive that is why.

mrbojingles2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Why would that suddenly give them issues now? It hasn't for 10 years of re-releasing these games.

Thepcz2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

its not like rare actually own anything in the donkey kong games.

donkey kong is nintendos.

its like an artist who 'makes' a 100 ft sculpture. he doesn't literally make the sculpture himself, he employs steel workers, weilders etc, people who know how to work with the material and bring his idea to life. He commissions them to make the sculpture, then when its finished, he takes all the credit for it.

Its the artists sculpture, regardless if he didn't make it with his own hands and it was actually made by a team of 20 people. He owns the sculpture.

the builders who help to build a sky scraper don't turn around when its finished and claim full ownership of the building. Its not theirs. They merely did the architects work.

Nintendo owns donkey kong, rare was just nintendos gimp. Nintendo gave them the licence, rare delivered the goods.

its nintendos product

RFornillos42164d ago

let's hope this means they're upgrading it to work with the gamepad. as iwata mentioned, they will be releasing an update later for Wii U that will allow virtual console games to be playable on the gamepad. they must be testing it on the donkey kong series. and they don't want gamers to be able to buy it now, since they intend to re-release it for Wii U VC (that works on gamepad).