Malicious: Rebirth PS VITA gameplay trailer

Malicious: Rebirth is currently being prepared for digital release in Japan next week. The enhanced port features identical-to-PS3 graphics and new weapons and bosses. Despite the new additions, game is still pretty cheap at its 1500 yen price tag. Watch the official gameplay video below.

H4all4028d ago

My Wish Has Come True, I really Want This game..
Hope there will be english version

LiViNgLeGaCY4028d ago

You ever play it? It's on PSN.

I was just asking because I bought it on PSN because I was highly anticipating it, and ended up hating it.

profgerbik4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Why? Just from the video alone it's looks pretty amazing.

Myst4028d ago

I liked it some parts annoyed me but overall it seemed enjoyable. I wonder though seems like some things have changed but I honestly can't tell it's been a while since I've played it.

H4all4028d ago

when it's come out on ps3, i owned a psp, i really like this game, and the gameplay even it's hard... i wish will be on NGP someday... now i owned a PSVITA, so my dream has come true... i love hard gameplay, i always see ps3 gameplay on youtube...
so i like this game very much, really wanted to have it on my vita... when it come out, i will buy as my collection :) i love hard game, hard boss, when a boss don't die easy, its make me really like it..

hulk_bash19874028d ago

Here's hoping they release this one outside of Japan. In any case this looks like a welcomed addition to the Vita's much needed library.

profgerbik4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Lol at all the people disagreeing for literally no reason at all.

I love humanity.

miyamoto4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

LOL that was funny XD

Yeah people, people, people...

bubbles +

The music in this game is so epic!

The PS3 version offered a bit of a challenge though.

JAMurida4028d ago

I really hope they at least make that additional content as DLC or some for the PS3 version. I'm personally not much of the handheld gaming type anymore. I loved every second of that game.

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Up to 83% off digital Vita games including Freedom Wars, Malicious Rebirth and more

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ObviousGoldfish2431d ago

April Fools. No seriously. These should all be free for a system that's not even alive.

2431d ago Replies(1)
2431d ago
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SardoNumspa2431d ago

Freedom Wars is incredibly good.

2431d ago
Gman322430d ago

So sad the psvita is actually a good system alot more systems could've been sold if it got more tripleA games like uncharted golden abyss 2,bioshock,new god of war,and so on

drizzom2429d ago

For a second there I thought we got new Freedom Wars news. Now Im sad.


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Malicious studio's first PlayStation 4 title?

Alvion, the studio behind Malicious for PlayStation 3 (pictured) and Malicious Rebirth for PS Vita, has trademarked “Malicious Fallen” in Japan.


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