UK Weekly Chart 10th Nov 2012

UK software/hardware chart for the week of 10 November 2012(with numbers).

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cmpunk533258d ago

Nice to see Vita has a lock on 30k a week on the UK.

fabod863258d ago

is it that sarcasm? if so, played very bad. ;)

TheLyonKing3257d ago

You were looking at ps3.

Good numbers am sure halo 4 gave xbox a nice boost.

I have a feeling halo 4 won't be top for next weeks one.

cmpunk533257d ago

Oh my bad I was looking at the europe sales at the homesite. Sorry!

mcstorm3257d ago

Good results all round but surprised to see forza horizon total sales more or less the same as nfs across both platforms in the uk.

Love forza horizon imo the best racing game this year. Just got nfs for the psv and enjoying it too on the go.