Lost Planet Requires 5GB Installation

"Capcom was kind enough to send us a pre-release copy of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for our PlayStation 3. Surprisingly, just like Devil May Cry 4, Capcom also requires a 5GB installation that can take up to 15-20 minutes. Only this time, there isn't much to read on-screen, and it's pretty much pointless to sit in front of the TV watching it install so very slowly."

"While we are confident that the 5GB installation is worth it, will this be a Capcom requirement for all of their PS3 titles? Perhaps." - via PS3 Style

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pwnsause4918d ago

oh god, here we go again, waiting for the horde of fanboys to jump to this thread and bomb.

Frankenberg4918d ago

You want Blu-Ray, you get 5Gig installs. The Blu-Ray is slower reading than the DVD in the 360. When this next gen gets here, those fabulous games have more data needs for the different levels.

Trust me, waiting every time you go thru a door in Oblivion on the 360 for at least 1 minute gets old in a hurry.

Regret4918d ago

I feel sorry for those who bought 20GB PS3.

Packet4918d ago

"The Blu-Ray is slower reading than the DVD in the 360."

Wow, that's some stale old FUD you're trying to spread there.

Give it a rest.

4918d ago
Xeikon4918d ago

Lost Planet on 360 is 5.9GB and has superior graphics, multiplayer etc...

khellendros14918d ago (Edited 4918d ago )

The good thing about it is that they they can upgrade to a 80 gig for about 60 bucks or a 120 gig for 75. I have the 60 gig version but I'm going to upgrade to a 120 gig or more sometime this year.

DarkSniiper4918d ago

I am getting rid of my PS3!!!

Xbox 360 FTW!!!


jiggyjay4918d ago

"Surprisingly, just like Devil May Cry 4, Capcom also requires a 5GB installation that can take up to 15-20 minutes"

W A I T B 3 Y O N D!

avacadosnorkel4918d ago

TECMO AND CAPCOM are the only 2 japanese companies MS has in it's Japanese support group.

They both favor the 360. You can listen to the Capcom devs and they all say they get hard-ons for America.

CAPCOM games will continue to be better on 360 until PS3 takes the lead in sales.

Dannagar4918d ago

Meh... I was one of those lucky fellows that got a 20 gig Playstation 3 (in order to get it on day one). Though I haven't mention it on N4G, it's one of the reasons I usually get Xbox 360 versions of Multi-platform games. However, I do value full backward compatibility over a larger hard drive. In the future, should I need more space, it is possible to replace the hard drive with a larger one.

For now, I just delete content after I'm done with it.

gta_cb4918d ago

i would not even bother buying this game, seriously i have played it on my Xbox 360 completed the first 2 lvls (easily) and got bored with it, they could have done such a better job.

Shaner_Bock4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

Don't feel sorry for 20gb PS3 owners, they can easily upgrade their hard drives up to 320gb for less than $180 while a 120gb 360 hard drive runs for $180(I've seen it cheaper, though)....Don't get me wrong, I am no fanboy! I like the 360, too.

All I care about is games, I couldn't care less about what system they're on.

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SeanScythe4918d ago

I see lazyness here, why is sony allowing them to release the crap? I mean when games like Uncharted, COD4, GRAW2, half-life, Burnout, and so many other don't require this. I won't be getting any game from them if this is the way they are going to be.

Lazy Lazy Lazy.

thisguywithhair4918d ago

What are you talking about being lazy? These people are making HUGE games for YOU to enjoy. I have heard people on this site complaining how short some games are, how they are done before they really even get into it. The installation is required so that in game load times will be shorter. Sure you are complaining about a one time download, granted it is a long one. But I would hate to hear you whine if you had to sit through the constant level loads of absurd length if the installation weren't there.

xplosneer4918d ago

some better graphical games can go through the whole thing without loading, so why does this game require a 5GB install?

ThaGeNeCySt4918d ago

not every developer uses the same engine and game making techniques

Dannagar4918d ago

Blu-Ray is still in its infancy. It's comparable to a 1 speed CD-Rom player. Many developers are finding different tricks to get past the slow speed of Blu-Ray. One trick is to duplicate the data over and over. However a sure fire way to cut down load time is to install data on the hard drive. Plus, it saves development time and money. In the future, as developers learn to develop on Playstation 3, I'm sure you'll see less and less games having to be installed. Until then, it's a necessary evil that those wanting to enjoy Playstation 3 will have to put up with.

xplosneer4918d ago

Genecyst- True

Segamer-good point and also true.


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UnblessedSoul4918d ago

Why is capcom having 5 gig installs for all their ps3 games ? Can't they learn to make them smaller or something

socomnick4918d ago

If capcom did not force a 5 gig install the load times would be horrendous. I prefer installing the game and having reduced load times .

Mr_Kuwabara4918d ago

I don't get why Capcom has to do this 5gb crap and I even doubt it's to make it have "faster loading" and the fact that it's mandatory to install, is what sucks the most.

I thought that EA was lazy with PS3 ports/games but they've impressed me with there latest releases so far but Capcom has officially gained the title of lazy devs.

games4fun4918d ago (Edited 4918d ago )

I mean capcom will have a hard enough time trying to get people to get lost planet, but to be so lazy on something when you could easily take your time (its not like people are on pins and needles waiting for the ps3 version) but instead make another controversial download, i am fine when a games installs its usually one to three gigs and doesnt take a lot of time at all and usually the benefits are tremendous

but in this situation capcom is shooting themselves in the foot i will remember this as will other playstation customers in the future further annoying the people who sustained your company all these years.

sak5004918d ago

3 games, 15gb gone. Time to start looking to upgrade the hard drive people with 20/40/60 SKUs

Packet4918d ago

0 Capcom games == 0 GBs gone.

Problem solved.

KillaManiac4918d ago

ya im planning to replace my 60 gig w/ a 250 gig soon

SUP3R4918d ago (Edited 4918d ago )

I have no intention thus far to purchase a Capcom title with the exception of Resident Evil 5. If RE5 has the install process I'll welcome it. I don't understand why they're the only developers that require it, but I really don't care whether it does or doesn't as long as I get to play the game.
I've survived hundreds of thousands of hours of real life, 15-20mins I honestly doubt is going to kill me.

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