On Pausing/Skipping in Games – Needs to Be Mandatory

Default Prime Writer Kyree Leary recently discovered that he couldn't skip Assassin's Creed III's opening cinematic. This got him to thinking about the games he's played that make pausing and skipping in games so frustrating. Something as simple as this needs to be in ALL games. Period.

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ShadowKingx2165d ago

Yeah, i think all game should have a skip option for cinematic scenes. Because usually after the first play through you don’t want to see it again.

Another example me and my friends love playing Halo 4 spartan ops and theres an opening scene on every one you start up and you can never skip it. Yes it not that long but skipping right away to gameplay is a nice feature to have.

decrypt2165d ago

It could be possible that the game is actually loading in the back ground as the cut scene plays. Hence skipping the cutscene would probably just lead to a load screen instead.

hazelamy2165d ago

then it should tell you that it's still loading, i've played games that did that.

ShadowKingx2165d ago

yeah i though about that after posting my comment, which would make sense in a way. But still for some cinematic scenes thats a lot of load time.

AntsPai2165d ago

I gave up on Assassins Creed 3 because of some horrible glitches but also because I wasn't interested in it's story and couldn't skip the cut-scenes, sure I watch most games cut-scenes but sometimes I just can't be bothered and want to burn through the game. Doesn't help that the Assassins Creed series has incredibly repetitive and uninspired game play. An unpopular opinion sure but I'm sure you guys & girls here have played more than a few games that you just wanted to get through, PS+ games for example.

sdozzo2165d ago

Skipping... yes, we need it.

Pausing is weird. I remember Demon/Dark Souls and it adds a level of excitement. But, generally life happens and you need to pause games.

RyanDJ2165d ago

I got in trouble thanks to no-pause. Was listening to important dialogue in MGS3. If you hit start, it pauses, but in the worst way. It goes to text only, so you can't be sure who is talking without an extra layer of thought, and you miss out on voice acting. Scenes are unpauseable, too.

My wife came home mid scene with major emotional conversations to be had, I was half sick in a pitch black room for the last hour playing. Big story scene occurs, I should be listening to wife, I keep one ear and one eye on the TV.

Tip: don't do that.

johnsonbat2165d ago

Oh yeah, been there before. Ouch!

onandonandon2165d ago

Maybe you'd rather stare at a line slowly filling up instead!!

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