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Primal Carnage needs more content. However there’s enough here to justify a purchase if you’re patient enough to wait for the game evolve. It’s cheap as well, which helps. The servers are full with enough players for the game to be mega fun with an average of 25-30 players on a single map, so it’s unlikely this beast will become extinct. If you stick with the game you will be rewarded, because clearly the team is passionate about the game and care about the player experience. As it stands this is the best Dino vs. Human deathmatch game I’ve ever played, and from the sounds of some of the free features Lukewarm Media are planning to add in over the upcoming months it’s only going to get better. Think of it as an investment in the future. As Dr. Malcolm always says;

Life finds a way…

thumbACTIVE rating: MINT

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