Final Fantasy VII LBP2 Trailer

The Final Fantasy VII LittleBigPlanet 2 Remake featuring 20 levels has had a trailer released check it out.
The project covers all gameplay elements,music,charcters,enemi es,bosses,side quests, materia,enviroment and materia.
The project has gone mad on the internet with nearly 300,000 youtube views even more then the Sackies 2011 and has appeared on IGN,G4 , Square Enix and Gametraliers to name a few over 300.I have also won a crown due to my project and have a website devoted to it.
If you want to try the levels click here
To check out the website check here - http://finalfantasyviilittl...

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Xwow20082653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Amazing, you can create miracles with the lbp creation tools

ginsunuva2652d ago

Jaws drop for the 40,000th time.

Vickistheman2652d ago

Simply amazing. Some people are just so damn talented.

Imagine if Media Molecule made an ``RPG Maker`` type game.

r212652d ago

Thats dedication right there folks!

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