YouTuber gets strike for reporting Black Ops 2 aimbot user to Activision

A fairly popular YouTuber named NickBunyun has received a strike on his YouTube account for posting a video reporting a Black Ops 2 player who was using an aimbot and ruining their experience with the game. The video was also taken down by Activision giving reasons of copyright claims. Below is his video response detailing what happened.

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Hufandpuf2216d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dovahkiin2216d ago

Being a good Samaritan rarely pays off, unfortunately.

OneAboveAll2216d ago

I know if i found an envelope full of cash i'd keep that shit instead of turning it into the police and not getting a damn thing.

RickHiggity2215d ago

But if you robbed someone, the police wouldn't punish the guy who called them.

subtenko2215d ago

Man what in the world..I was going to post BO 2 Gameplay but now I'm not sure...I thought we could post gameplay videos?

What is this. please can a good Samaritan explain?

AzaziL2216d ago

Whoever at activision that punished this guy, they're the kind of people that if you helped them out of a car wreck, they'll sue you for hurting their back....

zeal0us2215d ago

Remind me of The Incredible where Mr. Incredible saved the guy who was falling from this building to be sued afterwards.

crazysammy2216d ago

Doing good things just to be recognized for doing good things defeats the purpose.

With that being said Activision sucks.

Conzul2216d ago

This is why I don't buy into CoD. Screw Activision!

Tetsujin2216d ago

I refuse to buy any Activision game in general, new or used (I know they get $0 from used sales but still it's the principle).

MurDocINC2216d ago

Might as well stop buying EA too, they try to cover up MOH crap too.

Summons752216d ago

ahhhh Activision covering up the horrid things about their game lol Goes to show how bad Call of Duty and Activision is in general.

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The story is too old to be commented.