Microsoft 'guarantees' that Xbox 360 games will look better than PS3 games

Richard Teversham, director of platform and marketing of Microsoft EMEA has a wild imagination. In an interview he did with Fok! Games during X06 he guaranteed that Xbox 360 games will look better than their PS3 counterparts. Bold claims for a system that's technically less powerful. He also doubts that Sony will ship any consoles to Europe if the PS3 becomes a success in Japan. People are doubting the PS3's potential in Japan now?

bullet6360d ago

That is a pretty bold statement....

calderra6360d ago

Look at the facts. Pull up Gears of War screenshots versus Metal Gear Solid. Forza 2 versus GTA:HD (if you can find actual gameplay shots- heh). Lost Oddyssey versus FF13 (and keep in mind LO is rendering hundreds of enemies in realtime on a massive battlefield compared to FF13's half-dozen characters in a small room).

Xbox 360 games, on average, already look just as good if not better than PS3 games. Yeah, this dude goes crazy on some of his other points. But pound-for-pound, Xbox 360 really IS holding its own.

And please, no 1080p. As said elsewhere:
-1080p takes a LOT of system resources. You can make a "better-looking" game at slightly lower resolution by having more stuff and more detailed stuff onscreen at higher framerates.
-Phil Harrison last week, paraphrased: "1080p is only for specific titles. Some games look better in 720p". <Harrison confirmed 1080p gobbles up system power on the PS3.
-And even if you STILL think 1080p matters, not all PS3 launch games are going to run 1080p, and by next summer both systems are probably going to be running the same number of titles at 1080p.

So not only does 1080p REALLY not matter (only 1-2% of the consumer market even owns it!), but it'll be shared between systems. Whoopie!

Sexius Maximus6359d ago

The ONE AND ONLY TV technology that that lets you see a digital picture is DLP. ALL OTHERS (plasma, CRT, LCD) can receive a digital signal, but it's converted to analog in the last step before viewing. HDMI is no better than VGA if you don't have a DLP. So all the Sony guys saying "you have to have it" won't even notice a difference unless they have a 1080p input capable DLP. Just a fun bit of info I thought I'd share.

achira6360d ago

didnt they say there will be no 1080p games this year ? their arrogance is ugly. they must be totally powened if they start to talk such sh!t. this is the freakiest statement ever.

Aflac6360d ago

should b, u little toddler, STFU

FeralPhoenix6360d ago

I don't like to see senseless "trash talk" like this....I prefer M$ maintain its focus of delivering the "goods" and letting the games speak for themselves rather than listening to guys making "bold predictions"....not that I don't think some 360 games will look better than some PS3 games & vice versa, but this just seems like "trash talking" more than anything else, which is exactly why I hate when Ken opens his mouth....at least lately Ken has learned to calm down. BTW, achira just because a game is 1080p doesn't mean it will look better than a game in 720p, there are other variables.....but if you were able to compare identical games that were made in 720p vs 1080p then yes the 1080p version will look better.

wiggles6666360d ago

I wish Microsoft would avoid this type of thing. The last generation was lead by Xbox graphics, this generation will see a shift towards PS3 power. That's not to say the 360 is inferior, simply that PS3 should be able to deliver better visuals based on it's specs. I'll be totally happy if the 360 delivers visuals on par with some of the PS3 games, in this generation it looks like graphics will always be good. Some games will look better, but with the huge technical advances made recently it seems like gameplay will play a larger role than in the last generation. After what I saw from X06 it looks like Microsoft will deliver some killer titles, that's all we really want right? I still play GRAW all the time and it's starting to get dated with the new games coming out.

Daewoodrow6360d ago

I'd rather they hadn't said this. I don't doubt it's true, a number of 360 versions will look better, BECAUSE THE CONSOLES ARE EQUAL.
But pointless trash talk like this is not helping them, especially when a number of PS3 games will probably look better, too.