Black Ops II’’s Zombies Is Amazing… And It’s Killing Me

Kotaku - Don't try to solo the extraordinary Zombies mode in the new Call of Duty. You won't last long.

The new zombies mode should probably be its own game and is definitely designed for co-op. I learned this after wrapping up the campaign and trying to play the new TranZit part of Zombies on my own. Possible, but also impossible.

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seanpitt232655d ago

Well I have played transit a couple of times but I ant got a clue what iam doing and all the other players seem to be in the same boat one minute iam on fire next minute I have got arms wrapped around me and at the minute it's not that enjoyable but it's early doors at the min and it's the only map I have played so hopefully this map will grow on me when I know what the hells going on

Pintheshadows2655d ago

That's always what zombies is like to begin with though. It just throws you in.

StrawberryDiesel4202655d ago

Made it to round ten on my second attempt solo in transit mode.

black9112655d ago

I just bought a used 360 with a ps3 controller adapter just for zombies. Cant wait till it areives tomorrow. Got both versions for $45 on newegg.