Metacritic users strike again: Slam Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

GameZone writes, "The haters are out again in force this year; this time for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. For the second year in a row, there seems to be a large disparity in the reviews for a Call of Duty game between critic reviews and user score on Metacritic, bringing into question the legitimacy of the website's review process. Now, normally, I'm all for everyone having their own opinion of a game, but Metacritic has become known as a place for angered gamers to go and slam a game's score."

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inf3cted12658d ago

Well at least its less scored than Halo 4 .I would facepalm myself if that didnt happen.

Ranma12658d ago

I hate Call of Duty because:

1) It brings nothing new and doesn't deserve the sales i gets, compared to innovative games like Okami which get nowhere near the same sales

2) Its killing variety this gen, too many FPS games

LOGICWINS2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I understand disliking COD, but "hating" it? I'd personally reserve hate for a person who raped my GF or stole my wallet...not a videogame.

grahf2658d ago

What games would you like to see instead?
Oh wait, 1 bubble.


Awesome_Gamer2658d ago

I scored it a 5.5, i didn't buy the game obviously because i will never support Activisions, but since my little brother is a CoD fanboy, he got it, and i played it for a bit, it's nothing special imo, maps are way too small, weapons have no-recoil at all, and it's full of campers, i predict people will complain about it in less than a month.

Ben_Grimm2658d ago

Doesn't bring anything new?

It is constantly expanding on the modes its has, tweaking gameplay and adding other multiplayer options with every new game. Once again another user on N4G swept up on the CoD hate train and copies and pastes what other say about the game without having playing it themselves.

Fault CoD for turning out a new game every other month it seems but don't say they never bring anything new.

And how is CoD killing variety?

MRMagoo1232658d ago


I get the idea you didnt play the game at all really because there is lots of recoil on the guns they even have mods for the guns to reduce the recoil.


blops2 has changed a lot the story is very well done and nothing like previous cods so you really should give it a go instead of just hating for hates sake.


You have the same emotion towards a person that stole your wallet and a person that raped your girlfriend ??? thats very very odd.

Caffo012658d ago

you're going to have 1 bubble too in no time with this kind of comment..

kaozgamer2658d ago

thats what everyone says but they always ends up getting the game...

stormskiier2658d ago

Whats an okami? It sounds terrible.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2657d ago

1) It brings nothing new and doesn't deserve the sales i gets, compared to innovative games like Okami which get nowhere near the same sales

Seems you should hate console gamers. They are the reason it's made no?

grahf2657d ago


We can all hope.
I typed out the first part, asking what games he would prefer. Okami is last gen, and it really isn't THAT innovative (Zelda formula, but its art style shines). And then I saw he had 1 bubble.

dennett3162657d ago

Want to know why Okami gets less sales than Call of Duty...the most basic reason? It's not advertised enough. That's it really.
Oh a military FPS is going to outsell it even if it was advertised, it's the hot genre in the gaming world at the moment, I'm not that dumb as to think something with so unique in it's presentation would sell CoD numbers. But games like Okami are not promoted to the wider gaming audience that don't spend hours and hours trawling review sites on the net looking for the news on the latest games.
Those people have no idea about games like Okami...and for that, you can blame the publishers.

As for CoD not deserving it's sales.....that's nonsense. They have their formula, and it's a successful one. They create what their customers want every year and promote it properly so as to maximise sales potential. It's not rocket science, it's not is what it is, consumerism at work.
Other companies should do what Activision do...they have a vision for their game and they stick with it, and they make sure people know about it. They don't copy some other game's style or gameplay, as many of the CoD clones do. More publishers and developers should follow their lead - create their own vision for a game and promote the damn thing...if people like it, they'll buy it. It's THAT simple.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2657d ago

LMAO... "I hate COD because the majority likes it, and people don't like my favorite game Okami! Okami get's no sales guys... but it's good guys! Ahhh come on guys! My favorite game isn't everyone else favorite game. I hate COD because of this."

/cry me a river.

Eyeco2657d ago

Hating on COD is kinda boring now, it was getting boring 2 years ago, now it's like who gives a sh!t it's still gonna sell out the a$$, Activision's still gonna walk to the bank laughing having made billions on a franchise that you keyboard warriors vent over the interent.

I've disliked the series since [email protected] and i've just left it at that, nobodys gonna think your cool or unique for hating a game that millions of people around the world love.

extermin8or2657d ago

I can understand your point but this one is actually a good game... why should they bother if when they DO change stuff, make a decent single palyer and just all round improve fags like you still post crap on their metacritic page and the web in general about a game you've clearly never even played...

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dedicatedtogamers2658d ago

That's one advantage of Amazon: there's a little tag that says "This reviewer purchased the game" next to the review title. That way, you can see if the person at least purchased the game. I'm not saying stupid reviews will go away (there are PLENTY of those on Amazon) but at least we'll know if the person bought the game instead of playing it for a few minutes at a buddy's house and the passing judgement.

AngelicIceDiamond2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Maybe they wanna take the established franchises and knock them down a peg? So far Cod, Resident Evil and from a hand full of reviews, Halo seemed to nearly dodged low user and credit scores.

Tekken, DOA, Sleeping Dog, Borderlands2 and Darksiders all got pretty great reviews.

Maybe its starting to be the "smaller games" (Compared to Cod) are getting more attention. Believe it or not, this could actually be a good thing. Other games are getting attention along with decent sales.

extermin8or2657d ago

explain the hating on games like dragon age 2 hardly a massive release; not quite niche but...

Jinkies2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Wel's Call of Duty

Site/Mag Reviews are always possitive I'd rather hear a review from a gamer on a site like this one then someone like IGN who in my opinion are like many other sites out there who are s*** scared to bad mouth the game and be truthful because if they p*** Activision off there will be no more exclusive reveals, behind the scene gossip, first look previews, interviews for their magazine/website, plus lets not forget with it being a hot game to talk about because of it's social gimmick like elements it's not something they can just ignore, they NEED that info off Activision so they have to play nice.

Lovable2658d ago

Or maybe the game deserves the score for yet again improving on the already great formula of the series?

Jinkies2658d ago

"for yet again improving"


Small, minimal improvments are common when you bring a new game out. I have never seen any BIG changes to this game since, well the first Mordern Warfare when it mordernised it's setting and had a massive online revamp....thats when you improve something.

LOGICWINS2658d ago

"Site/Mag Reviews are always possitive I'd rather hear a review from a gamer on a site like this one then someone like IGN..."

LOL, you think the average gamer on this site is any less biased than an IGN journalist?

Jinkies2658d ago


When it comes from the reviews section, why not, if theres a bunch of them then it's better to browse their reviews and see what they've said because they don't rely on Activision for anything.

amaguli2658d ago

Is it impossible to believe that some reviewers actually find Call of Duty to be enjoyable?

Just because you don't like Call of Duty doesn't mean no one can like it.

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extermin8or2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

this COD improves massively; I haven't enjoyed a COD this much since COD4, i've only bought this and mw2 on their launch days, and I hate MW3 and Bo2 was pretty boring very quickly; mw2 was quite unbalanced but could still be fun...
also I'd rather hear from people (like myself who have played the game) than people on the web with no lives who haven't played, can't afford, dont want whatever their reasons are hating on a game based off a trailer...

_LarZen_2658d ago

They should disable user feedback on games like COD and BF as it brings out the worst gamers there is. They dont represent the gaming comunity in general and it confuses normal people that want to check how a game score.

iamnsuperman2658d ago

They should disable user feedback in general unless they do a self vetting process. It does shock me the level some people go though. Do these people have nothing better to do

MRMagoo1232658d ago

Internet trolls generally don't have anything better to do they enjoy stirring people up and it makes them feel special.

JBSleek2658d ago

The majority of people are reckless and claim Call of Duty to be this mess. I hat being in the majority most of the time.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

sdozzo2658d ago

Deep thoughts by jack handy

ChocolateGiddyUp2658d ago

If your keys ever fall in a volcano, just let them go, because man...they're gone.

izumo_lee2658d ago

So let me get this straight. COD Black Ops 2 which the reviewers from game sites have given high marks is getting slammed by 'users'.

However a game that will probably be ridiculed by reviewers like Declassified is getting pretty good user scores.

This is a strange world we live in...

extermin8or2657d ago

declassified is probably crap though; don't get me wrong I love my vita but I can't see there being anything in it for reviewers to lie about it; and most black ops 2 reviews I've seen- just for once I agree with almost everything the critics are saying about it; so I wouldn't pay any heed to trolls like these people...