Halo 4 vs Black Ops 2: Which Game Is Best?

WC - They’re the two biggest games of the year without a shadow of a doubt, and ones with fervently opposed fanbases; Halo 4 fans tend to dismiss the annualised release pattern and more casual appeal of the Call of Duty games, while Black Ops fans, typically a more casual type of gamer, aren’t really into that sci-fi stuff (somewhat ironic given the setting and aesthetic of Black Ops 2, though). Having played both games, we’ve decided to assess which is, in as objective a manner as possible, the best game.

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NeverEnding19892660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

"Halo 4 fans tend to dismiss the annualised release pattern and more casual appeal of the Call of Duty games"

Well said. It's really a no-brainer. It's a good time to be an Xbox 360 gamer.

Septic2660d ago

Halo has always set the standard and unfortunately, yearly recycling of the COD franchise has diluted its quality.

Halo 4 is a result of an extreme about of care, love and devotion to the franchise and there has been a concerted effort on the part of the developers to enhance the gameplay whilst keeping its roots in tact, progress the amazing storyline and really push the 360 to its limits when it comes to audio and visual quality.

Black Ops on the other hand is an annualised affair and it attracts a lot of abuse no doubt because of its popularity but also because of its several failings.

At their core however, both are killer apps. One however, distinguishes itself immediately, not because of the mass appeal, but because of its sheer quality. I believe that, that game is Halo 4.

Akuma-2660d ago

cod declassified is the best

FriedGoat2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Halo 4 multiplayer is fantastic. I haven't been this enthrawled by a halo game since 3. I'm addicted! Its almost perfect in my eyes, apart from the lack of lone wolves and team doubles (which will be added in an update)

But I for one found the campaign to be very un-halo-like. Halo isn't about super villains with an English accent, or silly quick time events. And I haven't cared about the relationship between chief and cortana since it annoyed me all the way through 3. also removing firefight with a soulless spartan ops mode with unlimited lives was a no-no.

Awesome_Gamer2660d ago

Anything > CoD.
Halo 4 is a great game, i don't have a 360, only PS3, but my brother does have one, and i tried it, it's good.

Jaces2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I play whichever game doesn't require a monthly fee to play online.

But I am willing to say Halo MP is much better, though the campaign level design hasn't changed a bit. Corridor followed by overly large empty space with yet another corridor at the end of large empty space. A couple amazing set pieces that aren't cinematic's would be nice once in awhile. >.>

bubblebeam2660d ago


They did have the ghost run when the planet was tearing itself apart. And the start where you are dodging falling boxes and stuff.

And the space ship section towards the end of the game, felt like star wars.

I know what you are saying, but it is a FPS. Those criticisms can go towards any FPS. Unless you want it to be an open world RPG.

yaz2882660d ago

Halo 4 is overrated ... its amazingly fun but defiantly not a 9.8!
The disgn and graphics are really nothing special .. all the maps feel ok, that's it. The sp I havant finished it yet but my only complain is how the story is moving really slow and how there is a fucking button you have to press every time ...

The same game with different number and is more cod this time with mp .. well they did the cod thing definitly better than kz3 and maintained the feel of the older games .. that is something worth praising them for

I really feel sorry for bf3 .. it had the perfect controlles - perfect gunplay - the most realistic animation ( every kills feel unique ) there is not a single map that isn't stunning .. and the dozen numbers of unlocks and customization .. etc
Just comparing this to halo 4 make me sad

After seeing some reviews for bo2 .. the sp looks amazing .. the mp however feels like its recycled ( maps feels alot familiar! )


clearly you have never played halo much nor have you played halo 4 much. Infact dude if your really going to be that niave and retarded when it comes to expressing a profoundly dumb opinion. might wanna keep it to yourself and not show the world what a complete waste of sperm you were.

TheRealSpy2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

as opposed to what? corridor followed by another corridor?

I'm not sure what you really want. Halo isn't about puzzles (not that many games have puzzles worth mentioning anymore). It's about action and having multiple ways of doing certain areas. I don't think Halo 4's campaign is amazing (it's no Half Life 2), but it's fun as hell...especially with some friends.

I agree with most people in this section about the multiplayer thought. It's fantastic! I haven't enjoyed Halo MP like this since Halo 2.

EDIT: of topic: Why do so many people confuse the word "Definitely" with "Defiantly?" They are completely different words. and, there is no A in definitely.

yaz2882659d ago Show
Jaces2659d ago


Some puzzles would be nice, just something to break the constant grinding through enemies getting from area to area. I want to have fun when I kill them, it feels like a damn chore most of the time.

Problem I run into a lot is not being able to find friends who even want to run through the campaign with me, it's a bore fest in some areas just by yourself, give us solo players something to look forward to in the campaign is all I ask.

@The Mac:


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otherZinc2660d ago

Halo 4..

COD gets abused unfairly as it is a very good game. Halo 4 is just the better game.

showtimefolks2660d ago

both are excellent games os if you have the money and like FPS gener than both are must play

Ares84HU2660d ago


Good time to be an Xbox 360 gamer??? Because there are two shooters you got, one of which is multiplatform???

Come on now!!!

Xbox players should be shouting at MS right now because of the lack of exclusive original games. And don't even get me started on Kinect.

NeverEnding19892659d ago

GOTY on Xbox 360 that's why. And I hope many people are like me and not buying COD.

Thank you, Microsoft. 2012 has been great.

Ares84HU2659d ago

Because of a single game????? Good for you man, good for you!!!!

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Walker2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I`ve pleayed both of them and i can say black ops 2 single player is incredible but in multiplayer section halo 4 is way way better .

TXIDarkAvenger2660d ago

So what your telling me is Halo, a series known for its story AND multiplayer, is beat by the Story mode of CoD Black Ops 2? I find that hard to believe.

yaz2882659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

do you know who is writing BO2 story?! the writer of the dark knight rises.. and I really fucking enjoyed that film.. did you even play the first Black ops? the story of that game is easily one of the best in the fps games ..

I thought when you said halo was known for its story , I definitely though you were talking about the novels or comics .. but the games!! NO

thank god that bungie left halo .. 343 ind is doing a fucking better job with the game.. especially the story ( which is the main reason I didn't left the sp yet ) halo 4 easily has the best story in all the halo games.

nickshta12660d ago

I like the Halo 4 campaign better. It was more emotional, there were parts of the game that just made you go holy shit.

Honestly, i think Halo 4 is the better game. As much as i would like to like cod, it really is turning into a same shit different year kind of thing.

although this one is a little better, i would like to see treyarch or infinity ward take some more risks.

FriedGoat2660d ago

emotional? the worst part of the halo story has been the relationship between chief and cortana.

LX-General-Kaos2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I believe that Halo 4 is the superior gaming experience.

Though the COD franchise sees many sales with its multiplat annual release formula. Halo in my opinion has bested COD In terms of quality, story, graphics, and features since day one. Single player and multiplayer wise. For me personally Halo just offers much much more than COD for my hard earned money. The plethora of multiplayer game types, and 4 player co-op campaign can not be ignored.

Halo successfully delivers a universe and characters that rival the very best of action Sci FI big budget films. A memorable story that you can take much more from after completion. I do not walk away with that same type of feeling after completing a COD title. It does not have the same magical feeling to me.

Rated E For Everyone

vortis2660d ago

PR folk could learn a thing or two from your posts.

Snookies122660d ago

I agree completely. I really loved Modern Warfare 2's story, though it started to go downhill from there in my opinion. I've never liked CoD multi-player however. Halo has a combination of an amazing campaign which can be co-op'd for even more fun, as well as a fresh and unique multi-player experience (the crazy game modes, the awesome weapons, the vehicles, the level creation, etc.) It's not your run of the mill military shooter, and that's always refreshing to me.

ALLWRONG2660d ago

Agree. I never been a real big fan of COD but I do play them when they come in the shop. Halo is a much better experience to me and the number one reason to own an Xbox.

Shadonic2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

haven't played black ops 2 yet it looks great and I know there both going to sell great so yea idk but Halo 4 wins graphically and in multiplayer to me i know for sure BO2 will have a bit more intense story events.

bubblebeam2660d ago

"me i know for sure BO2 will have a bit more intense story events."

Yes because we have all been waiting 5 years to find out what happens story wise in the next Call of Duty.... /s

Face it, SP belongs to Halo, and Mp belongs to CoD.
I don't like CoD MP, or Halo 4's for that matter.
Halo 4 provided one of the best campaigns I have ever played, yet for some reason the MP lags so much for me. Whether it is my internet or not doesn't change the fact that I don't get lag in many other games. Just Halo 4 for some reason.

Shadonic2660d ago

Who said that i was talking story wise im talking about intense moments like say the plane scenes in COD you know those action flick sequences there s no way in hell COD could beat Halo story wise im just saying from my experience with Halo 4's story mode and its intense moments compaired to CODs Cods is slightly better because of those few intense moments and while Halo 4 played with those sequences partially like with the ending it was kind of subpar when compared to most quick time events. I love Halo 4 I just belive that in that once instance where it did something similar to the ending of COD 2 not exactly like it but similar it was kind of meh. Storys still great.

Slyfamous2660d ago Show