Black Ops 2 Review. Faster, louder and hopefully more competitive than ever |

"By this time, we all know what Call of Duty is and we all know what to expect of the ever popular franchise. Year after year, we all expect a new installment like clockwork. With yearly installments, came a lot of repetitive elements that discouraged any hype or enthusiasm from myself and other gamers. I'll tell you from now. Because of that repetitive nature, I've never been the biggest fan of Call of Duty.

The storyline takes place in the near future with Alex Mason's son, David. What I found to be the most interesting part of the story was the different ways the story can change. Similar to Dishonored, your actions have an effect on the outcome. I won't discuss much of the story, I'll leave that for you guys to experience but it's definitely one of the better storylines of the series. I will breakdown the mechanics and my multiplayer experience.

Although the core mechanics are the same. Fast paced action, quick kills, drop shots, quickscopes, responsive controls and frantic chaos. The vanilla multiplayer is still the same. However, what separates this Call of Duty from the rest is all the new features they've added to the multiplayer aspect of the game. "

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Abojooj2656d ago

Lets see if it can be taken seriously as an e-sports title. I mean it would be nice to see it in a circuit.

jadable2656d ago

yes i believe it has the opportunity of becoming a competitive game, why not : ) I mean maybe too many variables play a part, but they will figure out a playlist to keep things competitive. Can't wait im Buying it soon : )