Let the griefing begin: The "snake" glitch returns in Black Ops II

You can’t keep a good glitch down. Anybody who remembers the humorous “snake glitch” from the original Black Ops will instantly recognize it in Black Ops II‘s multiplayer component, where it is once again present.

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DaThreats2660d ago

Gna be alot of snake battles first week

RSPproductionz2660d ago

i'd say you like that sort of thing!!

slapedurmomsace2660d ago

Wow, I enjoy COD, always have, but to have the exact same glitch 2 years apart...lazy..just lazy

RSPproductionz2660d ago

it's a glitch that makes the game more fun though.

Batzi2660d ago

Read "Snake" in the title, thought about Metal Gear for a second then I realized it was COD...

rezzah2660d ago

If it is the exact same glitch then it never changed.

first1NFANTRY2660d ago

so why couldn't it be fixed if they new off this glitch from the last game? i hate buggy or glitchy games it just puts me off. I dislike cheaters

rezzah2660d ago

Exactly. I wonder if they still have that 1.5 second lag for every player on-screen.

If at all I notice this in BO2, I'll drop the MP right there. My bros still play it, other i wouldn't play it (same house).

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