Resident Evil 6 Review - STFUandPLAY

STFUandPlay's Romudeth writes:

"In the end, Resident Evil 6 is a victim of its own excesses. It tries to do many things but fails to do any of them well. There are a whole host of other problems that I could have talked about here but I don’t want your reading experience to be as miserable as playing this game was for me. This was a game that I had to force myself to play. This is never a good sign. A game should be enjoyable and sadly Resident Evil 6 isn’t. Capcom seriously dropped the ball with this game. As a longtime Resident Evil fan, Resident Evil 6 has almost completely turned me off from the franchise. This is easily the worst game I’ve played in 2012."

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Unztayble2658d ago

This guy reviews the game but admits that he only played 3/4 of it. Do your job correctly dude. There's no way in hell I'm paying $60 for this game but I will purchase it one day because I like the co op and the leveling up system.

Romudeth2658d ago

Normally I beat games I review. This is why I admit that I didn't finish this right up front. Most reviewers from big sites won't admit that but I will.

3/4 of this game is enough to let me know how bad it is and beating all of Ada's missions isn't going to magically change the game for me (I beat all of Jake's, Chris' and Leon's missions).

I agree with your sentiment about finishing games before reviews but this game isn't one that deserves it. It's crap and if I steer even one person away from it then I've done my job.

Kos-Mos2658d ago

"This is easily the worst game I’ve played in 2012."

Why do you scream for attention with stupid lines like that? Why?

Romudeth2658d ago

Because it's true. lol It isn't THE worst game of 2012, just the worst one I've played. You don't appreciate honesty?

rezzah2658d ago

I must admit I hesitate to even start this game. I have loads of games to play and this is on the list, but I feel like it is the last I should play. The demo was just terrible, the gameplay, but I still want to experience the story.

CynicalKelly2657d ago

It had it's flaws but it had it's good points too. I may not care for the new Resident Evil has much as the old games but It's not debatable, it's a step in the right direction after 5 and it's 200% better than 5.