Ninja Gaiden Sigma: NEW Featured Interview HD

This is the new Gametrailer.com video interview with Team Ninja developer; Adam Syzmanski, explaining the details of Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3.

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zypher6405d ago

nice interview. however, after the interview with Itagaki, i have a funny hunch that there's some discord in the House of Team Ninja: almost like one developer wants to stick strictly with one console, while the other developer wants to broaden the franchise to other markets. i'm more for the latter approach, as it will be beneficial to all gamers.

TheXgamerLive6405d ago

that good at all. Definately more like a port, so I don't care to get it on the XBOX 360. I'd rather not see it come my way in it's present form.

zypher6405d ago

so, you don't want an already great game, with vastly improved graphics, new enemy types and enemy AI, new bosses, a completely new playable character, plus additional moves for the original protagonist to come your way? okay. i think this has more to do with you being a bit upset that the series is finally coming to a non-XBox system, and less to do with it supposing to be a "port".

me myself: i've already beaten it on the original XBox (or rather on the 360 via backwards compatibility). but with the new additions such as new moves, new enemies, new playable characters etc. (including motion-sensing control) i think it'll warrent another purchase, just as long as it's sub-$50.

TheXgamerLive6404d ago

I haven't played a demo yet, so I could be wrong. But I don't think so.
Improved is as in very little, so it's just not worth buying.
Maybe the next title in the series if there is one, and one that's designed to fully utilize next gen. hardware.

Loudninja6405d ago

+revamped enemies
+new enemy characters
+improve projectile weapons like the shuriken and bow and arrow
+dual katanas
+general combat system is more speedy, has better animations, and better AI
+ mission modes that was in Ninja Gaiden Black
+ possible online modes
+There will be Karma leader boards where you can upload your scores and compare them with people around the world to see who is the better Ninja
+water combat is one of the new features in the game that has a wow factor.
+Rachel is a playable character
+ New stages, battle engine will be improved and upgraded
+ Graphics and direction is going for a major overhaul
+ The visuals, including characters, stages and effects, are being upgraded
+All cinema scenes in the PS3 version will be real time.
+Event scenes are being redone, and new scenes are being added
+new moves and actions
+ New weapons for Hayabusa
+Development on Ninja Gaiden Sigma is currently at just 25%
+. A new boss in a green suit.
+If there's a market for NG in PS3, the team will definitely look into porting future games of NG to PS3
+ NGS is PS3 exclusive it seems
+NGS will use the motion sensing in the PS3 controller
+There will be a fight with Doku early in the game

no_more_heroes6405d ago (Edited 6405d ago )

Its not the sequel!!! For NJ 2 EVERYTHING will be new.At the end of the day, NGS is just Ninja Gaiden Black with better graphics and an extra playable character. At least Ninja Gaiden Black was $20. But I digress. Its still Ninja Gaiden and it will be great (even though its not being made by Itagaki himself - he's now starting on NJ 2 on the 360). Plus, since its the first, you know your already getting a great game.

eques judicii6405d ago

All your stuff may or maynot be correct... but still, it is a port of the same game but with some different features..

much like mgs 2: substance on the xbox??? didn't that game suck??

some franchises need to stay on one console and under one developer. Nothing in sigma appeals to me.

DJ6405d ago

I'll definitely give this game a shot, especially since the Xbox guys gave it so much angry/joyous praise. I keep hearing "it's awesome..but it's so hard..and i couldn't beat it, but it was so awesome!" etc, heh.

TheXgamerLive6404d ago (Edited 6404d ago )

I remember a time in the game I was fighting a sort of guardian samarai warrior on horse back and his magical minnions kept disappearing and re appearing where ever I would move, It was tough as hell to beat but I finally did it. I was proud, lol.

The underwater missions were also very hard but fun also. He has some great moves and the cities were huge for a last gen, title.

Yes, the game is fun, you should buy it and have fun playing it, I just was saying earlier that it only looks a bit dressed up to me, not a true next gen, title, but still fun:))


The History of Ninja Gaiden: The Resurrection

In the conclusion to a three part series, CV takes a look at the most recent Ninja Gaiden games, for better and for worse.

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spicelicka1575d ago

They need to make a true sequel to Ninja Gaiden 2, that was the most satisfying combat I've experienced in a hack n slash game.

micdagoat191575d ago

been playing 1&2 on and off since they were released. I usually will play until I get frustrated then take another year off lol. Nver tried 3 or the 4th one even though they are in my backlog.

Domestupidname1575d ago

I tried to go back to Sigma but good god those controls are just insufferable. Couldn't do it.

NeonEnigma3297d ago

Is PS Now fairly consistent with a good internet connection? Do the games offer trophy support?

SamPao3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

yes and yes. Go read on forums, you only hear good things once your connection is good enough. (and you don't need a very fast one)
Trophy support is there.

did you even watch the vid?
on 20 seconds they tell you about trophy support :P

JoGam3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

They need to bring Socom II

NeonEnigma3297d ago

No, i was mainly concerned with hearing a users opinion of the service so i just commented. But I will be giving this a try tonight

morganfell3297d ago

Yes it works and works very well. Trophy Support is there as well as cloud saves for any game progression.

bouzebbal3297d ago

Doesn anyone know if PS Now supports 3D gaming?
U3 and Stardust were good in 3D.

morganfell3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )


As of January, no 3D support. Now is not set up to properly detect your 3D display and manual choice is off since 3D requires a massive amount of bandwidth. Frame packing doesn't work well of bandwidth that currently supports smooth play in standard mode.

I would think it could be done without a hit but they would have to substantially increase the intial cache size during the game launch on the resident system (PS4, PS3, Vita, PS TV, or Sony TV) that is running Now.

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S2Killinit3297d ago

yeah. I have never tried it with a fighting game yet. But the games I've tried worked just fine. Never tried multiplayer either though. I didn't eve know you could also play multiplayer games on PS NOW.

Scatpants3297d ago

It works great on my vita. My internet connection is fairly good, but not the best.

Bobby Kotex3297d ago

When I beta tested it, I had a crappy DSL connection and it worked flawlessly.

Skate-AK3297d ago

I have 18mb/s download and it worked pretty well for me. The game I played was a simple hunting one though.

NeonEnigma3297d ago

Thanks everybody for feedback, i was pretty intent on believing that streaming a game to my ps4 would work like crap, but after streaming shadow of the colossus to my ps4 im actually pretty excited about it. Its definately going to help me knock out some of my backlog!

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Jedislayer3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I love ps now, think about 100 + ps3 games streamed right away to your tv. Don't have to wait for gamefly, don't need to get up and go to the store. Instantly streamed to you from an internet connection. Think about it. gamefly two disc plan runs you 22.00 a month for two disc and sometimes you have to wait. 2-4 days for a game. $44.00 for 3 months gets you unlimited access to ps3 games and soon ps2 and ps1. If you are an mmo player you pay 15.00 a month just to play that one game. i think the value is perfect. Even when psn goes down. Think about mmo's when they go down or go down for maintenance you still pay 15.00 a month for that one game. Not trying to fanboy here but ps now will be a good investment. Think about it you don't have to hook up your old console just to play a game.