Sensor Bar Optional For Setting Up Wii U

The sensor bar for the six-year-old Wii is not needed to setup a Wii U console. A sensor bar is included in some Wii U packages, but you’ll only need it connected to your Wii U when you play games that function with Wii Remotes.

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Godmars2902665d ago

Then the sensor bar is *NOT* optional if you want, or more importantly - NEED! - to use a Wiimote.

What the F*ck has happened to the concept of logic?!

PopRocks3592665d ago

I think they mean it's optional to have for anything that only needs the Gamepad or Pro controller. Meaning unlike the Wii (assuming you don't have a classic controller) you don't need the damn sensor bar in order for the console to function.

Dovahkiin2664d ago


No need to be a dick, he was merely explaining. Something you failed to do.

DaCajun2664d ago

I thought the the gamepad uses the sensor bar in games like ZombiU when you put the pad in front of you and use it as a scanner or snipe, to sense where the pad is in relation to your TV screen. I may be wrong but that was my understanding.

Also this article is wrong the sensor bar comes with every Wii U console not just some.

Griffin48712665d ago

He didn't miss anything. It says sensor bar is optional when "setting up your Wii U", because perhaps some people might think the sensor bar is required for Wii U Gamepad when it is not.

Godmars2902665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

If you have 99 WiiU and one Wii game which needs the Wiimote are you going to go to the trouble of setting up the bar just to put it away when not playing that one Wiimote needed game?

this is the same logic which had Nintendo make left analog stick add on for the 3DS, put out the larger version w/o dual analog when they had time to redesign it, *THEN* put out a new add on for the larger 3DS!

There's just a failing of common sense and logic.

dirthurts2664d ago

It's a Wii U, not a Wii. The games are designed to use the Tablet style game pad, not the Wii mote.
Motion controls died quickly as they should have.
I really doubt any games of measure will be concentrating on the Wii mote as a primary controller considering the entire concept of the Wii U is the touch screen.
I believe, sir, you are missing the point.
Nintendo designs their products with a point in mind, and it's not backwards compatibility with the Wii.

deafdani2664d ago

I really don't understand what you're trying to say here. Yes, the sensor bar is needed if you want to play any Wii game, that's a given.

Is it a big deal? If so, why?

Neonridr2664d ago

It is a fair statement. If you never owned a Wii before, and don't plan on playing any of the Wii library, then you can easily get by on playing the Wii U with the gamepad or Pro controller. No Wiimote is technically needed, therefore the Sensor bar isn't needed.

Now for 99.9% of the rest of us who are getting a Wii U, that won't be the case because we probably all have Wii's, all have Wiimotes lying around, and plan on using the remote and nunchuk for at least a few games, not to mention playing some older Wii games from time to time.

But it is still optional for those who don't need it.

ChronoJoe2664d ago

I was under the impression that Wii remotes were only used for multiple players?

So it shouldn't be physically required, for any game... unless I'm mistaken? Not unless you wanted to add players.

Neonridr2664d ago

You are accurate for the most part, the wiimote is usually used for multiplayer games on the Wii U. However some games allow you to use the wiimote as your primary input for solo games if you should prefer. Epic Mickey is one of those examples, plus Call of Duty will let you use the remote and nunchuk combo as well if you want to. Of course, these aren't mandatory, only optional.

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jmc88882664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Interesting that you don't need it for Wii U games that don't use the Wiimote, especially when the gamepad uses some of the same types of things. I wonder how then the stuff is transferred accurately say in Zombie U when you take the gamepad and strike with it?

deafdani2664d ago

You mean when you move the Gamepad? It has its own sensors and camera, so I guess they're good enough to triangulate the Pad's position.

Neonridr2664d ago

Good point. I mean the gamepad has a built in accelerometer and gyroscopic functionality just like the Wiimotes do. You wonder how the gamepad uses its "augmented reality" when you are scanning things in game and have the ability to look around. Or like you said, when you are striking down with a certain object in ZombiU if there is no sensor bar for it.

deafdani2664d ago

Because of the camera, which the Wii remote doesn't have. The 3DS also has the same exact motion capabilities as the gamepad, so both must work in the same way.

Either that, or there's little gnomes living inside the Gamepad doing that work. Your pick. :P

jmc88882663d ago

ROFL someone disagreed a question? What a moron.

Thanks for the answers, didn't know that about the 3ds.

Wolfbiker2664d ago

Pants are optional too.