Wii U Launch Compared To The PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS3

Just like we did with the Wii and GameCube, we’ll be comparing the Wii U to the PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. For the Vita, it will show you which console has the better line up of launch titles this year and for the Xbox 360 and PS3, it will show you how the Wii U compares to these current generation consoles.

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LX-General-Kaos2657d ago

Out of all compared platforms, I believe that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system offers the best launch game experiences by far. Covering just about all genres with everything from multiplats, 3rd party exclusives, down to Nintendo 1st party offerings. This is the 1st time in history that I have seen a launch lineup of this magnitude.

Nintendo looks to have done their homework on how to launch a console properly. Platforms in recent memory have had this idea to launch with a mild selection of titles, with an exclusive shooter thrown into the mix to attract what they believe is the hardcore crowd. Nintendo has gone above and beyond that, offering an experience for just about Everyone who decides to pick up a Nintendo Wii U entertainment system at launch, or within the launch window.

Rated E For Everyone

BringingTheThunder2657d ago

have you ever done a comment that was rated e10+ or T?

jeseth2657d ago

Wow Kaos. You must have a lot of multiple accounts to bubble yourself up that much! Hahaha.

You also forgot to mention that nobody even cares or has noticed the Wii U is coming out.

Main_Street_Saint2657d ago

@jeseth, I noticed and so have some of my friends. Been talking the positives and the negatives of the console; so its not entirely true what you just said there.

fermcr2657d ago

The best WiiU launch titles are multiplatform games and most of them have been out for quite some time on other platforms. As for the exclusives at launch i can honestly say that not one of them really interests me (curious about one or two exclusives but not really hyped about them).

For now, no WiiU for me. Maybe later one, depending on the games.

sdozzo2657d ago

By far? Cmon now, really.

MysticStrummer2657d ago

Well, if a hardcore Nintendo critic like yourself thinks the WiiU launch lineup is good, it must be true.

SilentNegotiator2656d ago

Compares the launch to the same systems and more.

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Chuk52657d ago

The problem with the WiiU launch is, so much of it is well-worn ground. AC3? Already out. ME3? I finished the trilogy 8 months ago. Arkham City? Come on Now. All the intresting WiiU titles like Rayman Legends, wonderful 101, and pikimin 3 are all "launch window" ( which is a bs term anyway nowadays). Looking at a wiiu sizzle reel, just gives me this feeling of staleness.

TrendyGamers2657d ago

It would have been awesome if Rayman Legends was never delayed and was coming out launch day.

PopRocks3592657d ago

Great job listing all of the older ports (save for AC3 which isn't even a month old yet).

How about Darksiders II or Ninja Gaiden III: Razor's Edge or Call of Duty Black Ops 2? None of these games are particularly old (or will be in Blops 2's case).

You're looking at this a lot more cynically than necessary, I think.

stragomccloud2657d ago

I actually waited for most of the multiplats just to play them on Wii U instead of my PS3 or 360. Save for ME3. I know I'm not alone on those who waited. For us, the games are actually new. And there are still gamers who have yet to play the older games the first time around. That said... ME3 on Wii U is so stupid. Especially with EA releasing the trilogy for the same price.

live2play2657d ago

its not about if the wiiu's launch is good

its about how it compares to the OTHER CONSOLES LAUNCHES

RFornillos42657d ago

i've always said this about ports: the only reason we have more ports on Wii U now is because the console is new, and that it's the first time Nintendo's going HD on a console. thus, you have developers opting to port games to it, to test it out.

anyway, not all of the games are really that old apart from Arkham City and ME3. the others are only a few months, weeks or days ahead.

by next year, we'll be seeing more multiplat games that include Wii U. and @stragomccloud is correct that some gamers have waited for the Wii U to play the games. and i'm pretty some others are willing to play the game again, if it meant getting a better version of a game (i.e. ME3 and Arkham City). I myself am willing to shell out another 60 to play Arkham City again, but hey that's me.

Wolfbiker2656d ago

So would u rather the Wii U NOT have those ports?

If you whine that they are there I couldn't imagine what you would do if they weren't.

Double standard if you ask me.

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Relientk772657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I'm interested in seeing how well the Wii U launch titles do and then also the non-exclusives in comparsion to the other consoles

shodan742657d ago

Another interesting comparison here. Will be fascinating to see how it does.

chukamachine2657d ago

Max 40million sales.

Rated K for kids.

AWBrawler2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

let me get this straight. 3DS launched with a 1 year lead over Vita and is already knocking at 25 million, and the Wii U will be launching will potentially 2 years on its competition, and you think it won't pass 40 million?

Heck if they give it 2 years with no competition, it'll pass 40 million within those 2 possibly.

also it's launching with a 2D mario (sells more than 3D mario), a Wii Fit, a dance/sing game, and (though I hate them) a COD game soon after. Even a blind man can see that's going to push system sellls

jeseth2657d ago

I don't know a single person interested in buying a Wii U.

They all learned their lesson with the Wii.

AWBrawler2657d ago


you are but one person. all those preorders let me know that there are people interested in a Wii U. If I used your logic, nobody would own an android phone, but obviously those are still selling whether i know people who like them or not.

omarzy2657d ago

@jeseth. I don't know any rapist either.

jeseth2657d ago

Guys, obviously I'm exagerating a bit to counter how much people are jerking off a system that is just at or just above par with hardware that came out 6/7 years ago and in many respects is still inferior (HDD size, Format, etc.).

Truth is, the Wii U doesn not remotely have the buzz of the PS3, 360, or even the original Wii. I'm actually surprised how little anyone is talking about it amongst people I work with, know, etc. When I saw the ZombieU trailer at e3 I was interested. But once again the Wii U looks like another gimmick like the Wii.

Nintendo just cannot match Microsoft or Sony in the games dept. anymore.

It is interesting to see new hardware, but after seeing what the Wii U is ... I'm fully prepared to wait for PS4/720 because the Wii U isn't bringing anything those others haven't brought months and months ago.

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