Analysis: Will other devs join Nintendo’s Wii U party?

Nintendo hasn't always had good third-party support. Randy Lamberson wonders whether something has been holding them back until now.

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acidbrn2654d ago

I am eager to get my hands on the console finally, although I cant help but feel a bit of dread towards it. Not so much that the games wont be worth playing, but rather that the console still wont be able to compete online wise with the likes of Sony and Microsoft.

Elderly_Cynic2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I read an interview with Randy Pitchford from Gearbox talking about Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U, and he seemed completely in love with both the console and the tech. Let's hope that's a hint of things to come.

acidbrn2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I hope so, but its not so much the tech that makes me worry about the Wii U standing out, its all the little things like cross game chat and achievements that gamers have grown accustomed too that haven't been addressed by Nintendo that has me worried.

ChickeyCantor2653d ago

Developers can add their own achievement system and hook it up to the Mii-verse interface API. The question is whether a developer wants to spend time doing this.

Ubisoft is already doing uPlay ( comes with its own achievement system ) and EA with Origin.

Trophies weren't added until later on remember? Nintendo can still add stuff.

WiiUalpha2653d ago

Lol. PS3 doesn't even offer cross game chat.How can people be accustomed to something they dont have. U gain no troll experience today. Still level zero. Look up Mila for an example on proper trolling. BTW u also just b under the impression pan and live launched as they r today? Lol. The only thing u made look bad is your knowledge of gaming

konnerbllb2653d ago

Those gamers that are currently using the superior console are accustomed to cross game chat.

acidbrn2651d ago

Xbox Live may have not launched with those features, and has had the added years to enhance their service. With Nintendo launching from basically square one they should be adding all that they can to make sure they at least match what the others offer.

Developers having the option to add their own achievement like system is a start, but why not just add a universal achievement system? Nintendo have a road map that Steam, Sony, and Microsoft have laid out.

Nintendo can see what works and doesn't work for those consoles, and yet they choose to strike out on their own. With them being so quite on cross game chat means most likely they don't have it. Even Sony realized the error of not having cross game chat, and admitted it was an oversight.

iamnsuperman2653d ago

To be fair he is the exception (except for the Bayonetta developer) when it comes to extreme vocal support. Not many other devs have been vocal either way on the Wii U. I think most developers are taking the sensible lets see approach with the Wii U.

metroid322653d ago

Cross game chat is possible on wiiu if u think otherwise ur daft just because the 5 games on release that use voice chat dont support it wow these are launch games the ps3 had no voice chat on release or psn and look at ps3 now.

konnerbllb2653d ago

There is a difference between cross game chat and in game chat. Cross game chat has to be included by nintend into the platforms OS. In game chat is handled by the game developer.

LiquidSword932653d ago

Even tho im not getting a wii u its plain to see that nintendo arent fuckin around with the social side of things so worriers should relax.

DA_SHREDDER2653d ago

The Wii U is gonna take over everyone's living rooms like the Wii did, if not more!