Darkzero: Lineage 2: The Chaotic Throne Review

Darkzero writes:

"Despite my own personal dislike for World of Warcraft, I can't help but recommend it over Lineage II. For the most part it works either as a co-operative or solo experience, it's dripping in content if you're willing to let it soak up your life, and it's got enough funding and a big enough following to keep it going for years to come. You can take from it what you want, because it's got a little of everything.

If, on the other hand, you're sick to death of medieval/fantasy MMOs, City of Heroes (also from NCSoft) might tickle your fancy. Its comic book style will give you a superheroic facefull of fun that no other MMO comes close to matching. The character customisation, the huge fights, the fun superpowers, the arch villains... and did I mention the fights? Although it's repetitive and shallow in areas, experience-grinding fights are a big part of every MMO, so why not play the game that does it best - or at least, much better than Lineage II?"

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