SmackDown 2007 Legends: Confirmed

As a special surprise for IGN readers that have been dutifully following IGN's "SmackDown Countdown" superstar reveal over the last several weeks, THQ has confirmed all 16 future and current hall of famers that will appear as "WWE Legends" in the upcoming WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 videogame.

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Stone Cold SA5911d ago

Nice to see some new legends such as Tazz and Jim Neidhart, but the thing about the Smackdown franchise as great as it is, they never have things up to date, they always dissapoint on some level, even thought the game rocks, like not having a up to date roster, Smackdown shut your mouth had the most up to date roaster in comparison to the other games i think, definetly the most, but still we don't want all the legends as much as we would like a up to date roaster!

shotty5911d ago

Cool game, just played the demo off the marketplace. Does anyone know how to grapple on the xbox 360 version. I can't figure it out. I found out that there are weapons under the ring and you can even go into a certain part of the audience and even set-up tables and climb stuff but grapple I have not done.

THE TRUTH5911d ago

it but I think I will gamefly this game, It just gets repetitive and old too quick to warrent a prchase for me. But adding legends is a very good thing!

jiggajayp5910d ago

I guess that`s what happens when your version doesn`t have online play like the XBOX 360!

power of Green 5911d ago

I can't figure it out either.

ImTheNumber125911d ago (Edited 5911d ago )

you have to hold RB and use the right stick. When you have him in a strong grapple you can click on the stick to do a interactive move. It's good and all but does anyone notice how the right anolog stick is the new trend in games besides tilt functionality.

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The story is too old to be commented.